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🔨 Nail Down Your 2023 Marketing and Leasing Plan of Attack with Video

In This Toolkit:

  • [On-Demand Webinar] Kristi Fickert, a multifamily marketer with 23-years of experience, discusses how to simplify your data to streamline your marketing and leasing efforts
  • [Playbook] Understand the  eight metrics to measure at each phase of the marketing funnel and how property technology tools help improve those numbers
  • [Video Idea List] Learn what videos leasing teams can create to garner engagement from current residents and prospects at each phase of the funnel

About This Toolkit:

If you’re interested in making more informed decisions for your community, this toolkit is for you. Ultimately, reliable data crafts the story your leasing teams share with current and prospective residents. This is why understanding and translating your leasing and marketing data into actionable, meaningful insights is crucial. It starts by aligning teams on business priorities then assessing the health of each phase of the funnel—attract, convince/execute, and nurture.

The resources in this toolkit effectively break down the complex—sometimes overwhelming—data throughout your marketing stack. Some of our most sought-after video knowledge and ideas are outlined in the contents of this toolkit. Secure your community’s success by understanding the metrics that matter.

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