Interested in our Custom Branding and Social Kit?

Our Custom Branding Package Will Result In:

  • Better exhibition of your brand in your Realync videos and social media posts
  • Ability to market your property more effectively with standardized video branding
  • Faster lease closure time due to increased video views

About Our Custom Banding and Social Kit

We created this new service offering to help ensure your brand is best represented in your Realync videos and everywhere you share them. Our custom branding package includes the creation and assistance with implementation of the following:

10 Custom Video Opening Slides/Cover Images you can leverage for embedding on your website and social media. 10 Unique Social Media Posts sized appropriately for each: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (30 total images.) Direct image uploading to your Realync account, so you and your team can start using them as soon as they’re ready!

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