Virtual Adoption Over Night

With over 2,132,321 confirmed cases of Covid-19 around in the United States (as of June 17th), the Coronavirus concerns are still on the rise. And the impact of Coronavirus continues to rise as well as we begin to open our doors again. Moving virtual forced industries to embrace change over night. For the past 3 months we have seen virtual leasing take off.

With social distancing taking place for the foreseeable future, video is primely positioned to help you and your team continue servicing leads, providing tours of your community, answering questions, and more.

The below infographic contains the macro stats across all Realync users with “pre-covid” dates being Jan 1 thru March 11. We then compared that usage data with the data collected since the start of the national lockdown, March 12 thru end of May (“mid-covid”). Take a look at the results!”

Live video tour volumes increased over 20,000% amidst Covid-19 and showing no signs of slowing. Virtual leasing is here to stay and we at Realync are here to get you up and running within a few short days! Building your video library and marketing communications now, will set you up for a proactive approach versus the reactive state we all just went through.

Until then… Keep it Real!