Company Culture

We believe real is what it’s all about.

We Believe Real is What it’s All About

Since the start, Realync was built on the belief that life is about being yourself at all times, being real all day every day. Real, as authentic, personal, raw, unique, and true to one’s values and beliefs.

We keep it real with each other and keep it real with our clients. Realync was created to help individuals see the raw and real space. We exist to make our client’s lives easier without being compromised in any way.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to empower multifamily teams to leverage live and pre-recorded video throughout the entire resident lifecycle; we are the leading video leasing and engagement platform for multifamily teams.

There’s this notion that technology is going to take over your leasing teams’ job. But we know that’s not the case with our platform. We believe our platform empowers your team to be more effective, efficient, and better at what they do. That’s why we’ve created a platform uniting leasing teams to close leases faster, market more effectively, and engage with residents. But that’s not all we’ve built — meet our Realync Roo’s.

Alongside Realync’s journey, we’ve created, and still are creating, an incredible team. We are making memories, helping our communities out and, as always, keeping it real.

Two of our core values here at Realync are Thoughtful and Real.

We care about who you are, and we have thoughtfully crafted a team culture where everyone is free to be themselves. We aren’t seeking to hire people who are the same, nor do we want to mold everyone into being the same. We believe that our team is at its best when we bring together different perspectives, personalities, and strengths to work toward a common goal.

We are also real with one another in acknowledging that we won’t agree with everyone on everything. We won’t all share the same lifestyles, interests, and political opinions. But, as Maya Angelou wrote: “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.” We refuse to allow ourselves to be defined by our differences.

Meet the People Who Keep the Real in Realync 

The Realync Roo

If your brand was an animal, what would it be?

What started as an icebreaker for Realync’s messaging workshop, turned into a discussion about what animal our brand would be.

We were told this exercise would allow us to look through a different lens to see new insights about our brand and culture, and they were right.

Cue the drums… unanimously we chose a kangaroo! Let us explain…

Kangaroos are Powerful and Fierce

Preserving the power of a personal experience, our platform empowers multifamily teams to close leases faster, market more effectively and engage with residents. Fiercely preserving the power of that human connection, video leasing is a dynamic, powerful resource for multifamily teams.

Kangaroos Care for their Families

Our team cares for our clients as if they were our own family. We collectively work together to make sure our clients are equipped to use our platform, and we each do our part every day with respect and transparency.

Kangaroos Take Leaps

Our culture starts with our people — and every member of our team aids in Realync’s growth and creates a place for our team and clients to be themselves. That’s why we encourage our team to fail forward. That means, there is no harm in trying anything. Give it a shot. The worst that happens is you fail [forward] and improve.

So then the birth of “Realync Roo” came to light.

Our team equips our clients with the resources they need in order to close leases faster and engage with residents — all while keeping it real.

Want to join our team?

Meet the Realync Roos