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How a Video Tool Helps You Manage Your Community

Your leasing agents can close a deal with a phone and 5-7 minutes of time! In addition, you can assign tasks with a video engagement tool. All teams need is a multifamily-built app that can be downloaded to any device.

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Community Management Tools

When it comes to living in a multifamily community, there are a lot of moving parts. These moving parts need to work together fluidly in order to make this building feel like home. This is where the property manager plays a critical role. It is the job of the property manager to ensure that the multifamily community is a safe, fun, and respectful place for everyone who lives and works there. There might be young adults, children, and retired couples that all need to live and work together to make a multifamily community conducive to everyone.

In order to make this happen, community management tools are going to play a critical role. As a property manager, it is important to take every step possible to make this multifamily community run as efficiently as possible. Community management tools can make the day-to-day tasks of a property manager run more efficiently. These tools can even help a property manager automate many of the tasks that must be done on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, it is critical for property managers to take a look at all of the various tools out there. There is always something more that can be done to make a multifamily community better for everyone who lives and works there.

Community Management Best Practices

When it comes to running a multifamily community, it is important to follow the community management best practices. There are a few community management best practices that every property manager should follow. First, it is important for all community managers to establish a firm set of rules and guidelines. Everyone needs to be treated equally which means that everyone needs to live and work by the same rules. Having these rules in place will make sure that everyone understands how to act, behave, and live in a multifamily community.

Along the same lines, it is crucial for the property manager to be understanding. Life happens and things might come up from time to time. Even though it is important to enforce these rules and guidelines, it is just as important to be understanding and authentic. Residents are more likely to support and work with the property manager if they know the property manager is going to take care of them. This is one of the most important best practices.

Finally, the property manager needs to work for the residents. It is important for the property manager to invest in ways to make the multifamily community a great place to work and live. This is where investing in community management tools is essential. This can make the multifamily community run more smoothly while also engaging the members of the community in new and creative ways. Be sure to follow these community best practices when running a multifamily apartment community.

Community Building Tools

There are steps that a property manager can take to improve their multifamily community; one of the first is technology. There is new technology coming out all the time and these advances have impacted every industry. Real estate and property management are no different. Take a look at some of the new tech tools out there. First, there is new technology that can make the multifamily community safer. Think about advanced locks, smart home technology, parking gates, and more that will improve security. Second, explore new ways to help residents pay their HOA fees. If people are able to pay these fees online (particularly with a credit card), the frequency of late payments will probably drop. Finally, use technology to build community principles and encourage people to interact with each other. There are great online portals and community building tools that have been designed just for multifamily community interaction.

In addition to technology, there are other great ways to engage the community and build a feeling of togetherness as well. Think about coming up with ways to organize community outings to events such as sports games or matches and breweries. It might also be a good idea to organize a pool party or a potluck from time to time. Finding ways to bring the residents together will make this multifamily community feel like home. Show an appreciation for the residents and they will return the gesture.

Online Community Management Tools

The internet has become a focal point of many industries and real estate is no different. The internet can be a great way to make sure the community stays connected both to the management team and their fellow residents. When looking for online management tools, be sure to find an online community app that can keep the residents engaged across any device. This includes computers, tablets, phones, and more. There are also online community engagement platforms that are great for sharing pictures, videos and more. This community platform can also be a great way for residents to share events with one another in an effort to encourage community participation.

Also, consider looking for an open source community platform. An open source program is one that has been made available to the general public. While these might not have the same bells and whistles that are found on other platforms, open source material is also free. If a multifamily community doesn’t need the added ornamentation found on other platforms, this might be a great way to encourage community interaction while saving money at the same time. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box when looking for online community management tools.

Free Community Management Tools

Even though free community management tools might have their benefits, it is important to be wary of the word “free” as well. Remember that there is often a reason why the program or material is free. While it might just be a kind gesture, it might also be a sign of something wrong with or lacking in the program. Therefore, be sure to evaluate anything that is free with an inquisitive eye. Be sure to try out and explore the program before getting it up and running for the entire community. Often, these free community management tools are great for a single project but there might be a roadblock down the line.

The best free tools for community management are a great place to start. Some of them might work well for some tasks but not others. When it comes time to find something that the entire community can use, remember that nothing that is listed as “free” is ever really free. Be ready for the popup window that states the free trial has expired or that a premium upgrade is required. Before signing on with a free program, be sure to think about this decision carefully. Make sure it won’t hurt the community down the road.

Community Management Tracker

There is an idea as old as time that anything that can be measured should be managed. This applies to multifamily community management as well. It is critical for every property manager to define their key performance indicators (KPIs) and set up reporting metrics that can manage these. This is where a community management tracker can be helpful. This device can help someone measure their KPIs. Then, a property manager can make quick and easy decisions based on what these KPIs are telling them. Some of the KPIs that a multifamily community might want to use include occupancy rate, the frequency of repairs, available parking spaces, the number of visitors, HOA and rent fee payments, and more. All of this should play a role in how a multifamily community manager decides to manage his or her community.

Sometimes, it can take a lot of effort to measure these KPIs. It is important for a multifamily community manager to invest in tools that are going to make this easier. For this reason, be sure to take a look at some of the tracker options out there. There are great community management tracker tools that can make it easier to measure numbers, analyze the data, draw conclusions, and make decisions.

Community Management Tools for Social Media

Social media is one of the defining features of this generation. It has an impact on multifamily communities as well. It is important for a property manager to invest in community management tools for social media because most of the residents are probably on these platforms. There are social media management tools that can be used to help disseminate important information. Before looking for free social media scheduling tools, be sure to take a look at a social media management tools comparison. The best free social media management tools 2019 might not be the same as the best social media management tools 2020. Using the best social media management tools for agencies can help a property manager listen to the concerns of residents, collect information more efficiently, share information more quickly, and even communicate with them. Realync has social sharing features that can make it easy for property managers to do just that. As one of the best social media management tools for small business, Realync has invested a tremendous amount of resources in making the jobs of property managers easier. Streamline communication with residents by investing in social media management tools.

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