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Community Management Software

When managing and leasing multifamily properties compared to selling single-family real estate, there is an additional task required of community management. Resident retention is vital when considering a property’s long term success. The goal should be to create an authentic community atmosphere that helps drive that resident retention goal. An active, authentic community can also help to attract and convert new residents.

While in-person community management is vital and can be accomplished with town halls, socials, in-building signage, and planned activities, the ability to also use digital methods to engage and manage your community can be both scalable and measurable. In addition, these online methods can be complementary to driving residents to in-person activities and events.

Multifamily property social media community management should include utilizing popular platforms (primarily Facebook & Instagram) to provide residents with general building updates, maintenance schedules, photos, events, and more as a useful mode of communication for residents. You may want to consider a private Facebook group as it is important to remember that prospective residents will also see this content, and posts about community rules and maintenance updates may not be appropriate for these audiences.

If you have a larger multifamily property, you may find a need for specialized community management software as well. These platforms are specifically focused on organizing tasks, events, renewals, maintenance tickets, and more for community management. The software often includes social media management, an email campaign platform, in-depth analytics, online member portals, and tools to create community engagement.

A resident engagement task feature is a way to easily set, track, and manage your to-dos for residents. That’s why Realync built out a task manager allowing collaboration with your team. To help with community management, tasks can be assigned to create videos and playlists, scheduling live tours or video sessions, sharing your content, and more. You can assign ownership, provide additional feedback, and set due date reminders as well.

Regardless if you are using spreadsheets or robust software for community management, leveraging authentic video as a part of the strategy is a no-brainer. Statistics have shown that implementing video into communication plans increases the interactiveness and reach. Realync provides the ideal platform to easily create videos that can be used in community management at multifamily properties and has proven as the leading multifamily video provider. Realync software boasts a user-friendly interface and a quick production time for videos, ideal for every multifamily property manager or team.

Community Platform

Having a strategy around your community management process is vital to the overall success of the property. Using a community platform can assist in streamlining, automating, and improving community engagement. Many online community platforms advertise the traditional perks of scheduling online social media posts, gathering engagement analytics, and additional resident-focused resources.

One big gap that those platforms are missing though? Video communication tools! Realync’s video platform is purpose-built for multifamily touring and resident communications. As such, integrating into your existing community platform is a breeze and provides a seamless experience for making video one of your top resident engagement and resident communication tools. Use video for resident program instructions or resident event invites. Utilizing our strong video features will undoubtedly boost your engagement percentages — regardless if you decide to layer video on top of an online community platform or use the Realync tool as your standalone community platform.

There are different examples of community platforms that can be used to achieve the overall goal of creating and moderating a collective space in which residents can share their thoughts, questions, or concerns. Using online community platforms have become commonplace amongst many businesses and organizations. Some examples of community platforms are Crowdstack, Discourse, and Higher Logic. These online community platforms also include the option of using their community platform app for added convenience. There are free options of community platforms on multiple social media sites that allow for group creation though. Regardless of the platform used, video creation is an essential component to an overall community engagement tech stack.

Community Engagement Software

There is an important distinction to be made when comparing group management and group engagement. Group management can be defined as a moderator orchestrating, assigning, scheduling, and overseeing the group. These tasks are limited to one individual or team and do not allow for discussion.

Group engagement encourages resident input and interactions. This engagement helps to build a sense of community amongst group members (residents) and provides the group management team with feedback and ideas. The distinction between the two is particularly important when deciding on a community engagement software or community forum software.

There is a large selection of community management software on the market, including options for free community software that provide the necessary tools needed to get by. These tools fall short when attempting community engagement though as they do not provide platforms or forums for resident engagement or trust-building. When searching for community software solutions to the engagement factor of multifamily property management, finding a solution that helps to create personalized, engaging content, and is not overly technical or time-consuming is imperative.

These criteria and more can be achieved through Realync, where an easy video production tool is provided in the palm of your hand simply using a smartphone or tablet. In addition to assisting with personalized and engaging content, Realync includes additional community software solutions such as the ability to measure engagement, the ability to share to social media at the touch of a button, and easy integration with other management software platforms. These solutions combined give the property management team the tools to create a compelling interactive community amongst residents.

Community Organizing Software

Events are a necessity when attempting to create a highly engaged community atmosphere at your multifamily property. Planned community-building events are only as good as the attendance percentage. Throwing an event with very few attendees can prove to be expensive and time consuming with no advancement in community engagement. A proven effective way to help alleviate the potential of a poorly-attended event is utilizing a community organizing software. The software will assist in organizing, inviting, distributing, updating, and gathering information related to the upcoming event. The event does not need to be a large or expensive event to benefit from the community portal software or white label community platforms that are currently available.

One of the most used browser-based community organizing software on the market is Eventbrite. Eventbrite provides a platform to create the event as well as complimenting tools like ticketing and registration essentials, a listing of the event on Eventbrite and partner sites, detailed analytics on potential attendee engagement, branded community pages, and more. All that is needed in addition to the community organizing and event organizing software is a method in which to personalize and increase interest in the upcoming event. Realync is the simple platform to create personalized and unique videos encompassing those elements that will grab residents’ attention. Combining Realync with community software dramatically assists in achieving a high resident attendance rate at an upcoming event.

Community Marketing Software

A sense of belonging and belonging to a community is a human need, just like food, water, and shelter. The idea behind creating a community amongst the current residents in your multifamily property is appealing to nearly all people who crave the acceptance and camaraderie that accompanies an active and engaged community atmosphere. One idea behind using community marketing software, community event software, and planning events are to continually strengthen the community bond, which significantly increases the retention rate of residents. The other purpose of utilizing these tools and activities showcasing the community atmosphere is to attract additional residents that are seeking a tribe in which to belong.

To build a sense of community and belonging requires active effort and persistence on the part of the building manager or team. Only by utilizing the most engaging tools to portray and advertise the base of current residents can a property leverage the community to recruit others successfully. Realync is designed to increase engagement through the power of video. Easy to create video allows for sneak peeks into community events, engaging invitations, streamlined community announcements, resident testimonials, and personalized messaging to a prospective resident. Realync, when used in best practices, increases the success rates of overall resident engagement, attraction, and retention by conveying the actual feel of a community in a more meaningful and personal way.

Apartment Community Manager

Discussing the management of multifamily property often prompts the question, “what is a community manager?” The short answer is the community manager manages and maintains the community of residents and not the leasing of the property or building. Ultimately, the apartment community manager is required to wear many hats in order to accomplish the goal of resident retention proper NOI for the community. The tasks that are often asked of a multifamily community manager could include: ad placement, appointment scheduling, resident tour guide, creating and executing social media and community communication campaigns, providing unique and engaging content for both residents and prospective residents alike, responding to residents across all platforms in a timely manner, organizing and executing resident events with the overall goal of creating a stronger sense of community amongst residents, and building relationships with residents and much, much more. The job requirements listed above illustrate the complexity that accompanies the community manager profession, which further supports the notion that implementing residential community management software that provides social media creation platforms, scheduling, event platforms, and much more is integral to the success of the community manager and property owner.

Multifamily Community Management

Multifamily community management requires a unique and more comprehensive approach than other similar “groups” such as a homeowners association (HOA). The role of an HOA is to manage neighborhood shared amenities and common areas that enforces priorly agreed-upon rules. Once a person or family moves into a residence within the HOA’s perimeter, they automatically become a member and are required to pay fees. The residents in an HOA are generally homeowners and the HOA has little interest in retention of its members so long as there is a new buyer for a home. There is also minimal effort put into resident engagement and creating a sense of community by most HOA’s.

This is a stark difference when compared to the goals of a multifamily community management team. The individual or group responsible for community management is tasked with creating an atmosphere that mirrors a close-knit community. The day-to-day tasks of a community manager does not include the day-to-day operations, which usually fall to the property manager (although admittedly, these may be the same person). Instead, the goal of the community manager requires a great deal of event planning and executing, documentation and demonstration of the sense of community that has been created in the multifamily property, providing perks to residents, and much more. The community manager is often tasked with resident retention, which is directly reflective of the bonds formed between other residents and staff.

One tool with proven success amongst multifamily community management operations is Hive (or Hivebrite). The software helps to manage databases of residents, creates and sends personalized messages to select residents or potential residents, helps to make the content and messaging personally relevant for each demographic of residents, organizes events and collects payment if applicable, provides a platform for the community to interact, and provides email and social media templates to improve online engagement with the community. Combine Hive (or similar software) with Realync’s personalized videos to increase the retention success rates and new resident procurement numbers.

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