How many Netflix movies or shows have you binged that would have never been on your radar if it weren’t for the personalized recommendations that show up every time you log in? Or, what about Amazon and the recommendations they serve you every time you visit their website based on a previous order?

The point is, that other verticals can help influence the multifamily industry and how we market, lease, and engage with prospective and current residents. So, what sparked this idea?

In case you missed it—Kristi Fickert, VP of Enterprise Growth, and Angie Lombardi, VP of Marketing at The Franklin Johnston Group hosted a webinar where they discussed why teams need to stop leasing new apartments with old strategies. We were impressed by the number of takeaways we gathered and have outlined three of our favorites here for you!

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1. Use Personal Experiences and Apply It To Multifamily

“Have you noticed how Netflix customizes their recommendations for you? We should be doing the same with our multifamily prospects. Presenting them with personalized, customized content and options every time they interact with us,” said Kristi. “It creates a much better experience and moves them one step closer to becoming a resident.”

“Think about yourself on social media; if videos are interactive, they are more likely to grab and keep your attention. But at the same time, you don’t want to sit there for too long because… let’s face it—we’re all busy,” said Angie. “So, you have to make sure you make your video content concise and engaging while getting your point across.”

Takeaway: Look outside of multifamily and follow other industry leaders or companies to create personalized experiences. It doesn’t cost you anything to hit the “Follow” button. Also, be sure to follow Kristi and Angie on LinkedIn!

2. Automation is Important, but Personalization is More Important

“I see automation everywhere in real life, so we can’t expect that our prospects want to shop any differently. Automation is efficient, but you still need a personal touch,” said Kristi. “The recommendations that Netflix serves you are automated, but it still personalizes those shows or movies to what you want. So, how can we take that concept and make it better in multifamily?”

“Automation is great, but we can’t get away from that personalization. You need to listen to your prospects,” said Angie. You can’t sell to someone if you don’t know what their needs are.”

Takeaway: Personalization is not just saying “Hi, [name].” You need to customize your automation to fit each prospect’s needs based on their behavior. Website heatmaps are known to help identify that!

3. Video Is Powerful

“If you’re forcing people to come and tour in person, that’s an old way of doing business. Yes, your doors are open, but so many prospects want options. I’m still ordering groceries online because it’s convenient, and it makes my life easier, and I love the option,” said Kristi.

“Video is a game-changer, and you have to be adaptable for your prospect,” said Angie. “I learn by doing and seeing, so being able to go back and review a video is super convenient.”

Takeaway: Video is the NEW way of leasing! Customers want options, and incorporating personalized videos into the leasing process creates a more authentic and efficient process for the prospect – even if they do a tour in person.

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