Buyers & Renters

Whether renting an apartment or buying your dream home, Realync makes online touring transparent and catered to you.

See what you want to see.

Stop settling for still photos or pieced-together video tours online for touring properties. Connect live with a real human being and see what you want to see in a property in real time. Ask questions, have the host open the cabinets for you and dive as deep as you desire…it’s your tour.

Remember every last detail.

Don’t worry about having to remember everything and avoid repeat showings. All Realync videos and live tours (including photos, notes, chat, and more) are instantly saved to the cloud. Easily access your content to review, compare, and share whenever you want.

Tour from anywhere, anytime.

Save precious time, money, and hassle during your search. Experience live tours and recorded videos anytime and from the comfort of anywhere, all using nothing more than a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Realync puts you in charge of touring on your terms.


Virtually tour properties live with a real person in real time. Interact, ask questions, and cater the experience to what you want to see. Capture photos and notes for later, message the host, and view interactive maps of the area showcasing schools, parks, restaurants, and more.

No longer must you hunt for open house signs on a Sunday afternoon and trek across town to see a property. Join live open houses from around the world instantly from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere to interact with a real agent and see a property of interest.

All live tours and recorded videos sent to you via Realync are instantly saved to the cloud. Rate and review all of your tours, compare them, and share them with friends, family, roommates, or key decision makers to make the process more collaborative.

When invited to a live video tour, simply click the link in the invite email on your computer to connect instantly—no signing up, signing in, or downloading anything. Touring should be hassle-free and nothing is easier than one click.

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