Zoom has taken over in the last few years across industries — specifically multifamily. Video-call technology, like Zoom, has been a lifesaver for multifamily teams to connect with prospects to give a virtual tour of the property. However, Zoom lacks a few features when it comes to multifamily use cases, such as tracking capabilities or privacy protection.

As a Client Success Manager at Realync, I’ve had many conversations with clients about Zoom and the lack of features specific for multifamily. Are you using Zoom for virtual tours of your property? Here are five things to consider next time you use Zoom and why a multifamily-specific video platform is a better option.

  1. Personal information isn’t personal anymore when using Zoom. I often hear how leasing agents don’t want to give out personal information which is typically required for Zoom. Instead, you could protect your personal information using a multifamily-built video platform (like Realync!). No more giving out your personal email or phone number to prospects. With Realync, the only contact information your prospects will have is the general leasing email that is tied to your account.
  2. Zoom isn’t built specifically for multifamily. Meaning, you can’t easily show things like a map of the area like you normally would during an in-person tour. Within Realync’s Live Tour platform, you can display a map to show local hotspots (and more!) around your community, upload attachments such as floor plans and pricing sheets, and both you and your prospects have a personal notepad to jot down important insights during the tour.
  3. Zoom requires more manual work, which you don’t have time for! With a platform like Realync, you can automated follow-up and a recording. After you conduct a Realync Live Tour, a recording is automatically sent to the attendees, and your team will have access to a copy within your account. If a roommate or family member couldn’t join the tour, it’s easy to instantly share the recording with any key decision-maker to bring that personalized tour to them as well.
  4. Zoom lacks built-in analytics. With Realync, you will be able to see each time a prospect re-watches a Live Tour! This is a game-changer for gauging interest and how/when to follow up.
  5. While Zoom is a seamless experience, you still have to download the app. With Realync, your prospect doesn’t have to download the Realync app, making it a seamless user experience. Realync Live Tours are link-based! There is no need for your prospects to download anything; all they do is click a link to connect. Realync is also device agnostic, so your prospect will be able to join the tour from any device they have available!

Ready to Make the Switch?

Make the switch from Zoom to Realync Live Tours today! The Realync Client Success Team would be more than happy to do a practice Live Tour with you, just reach out!