As planning for 2022 is coming to an end, multifamily communities need to finalize tools that’ll boost their marketing efforts and have real results. The good news is there are plenty of apartment marketing tools and technologies available to help you do it.

To help narrow the scope, here are our top apartment marketing tools to consider.

Top of the Funnel Tools

There is no doubt that in today’s hyper-competitive multifamily environment, communities need to draw interest and generate traffic quickly and efficiently. That’s why your top-of-the-funnel apartment marketing tools can be so important. Using a few simple property technology resources can really improve the two major areas that impact your property’s digital curb appeal – listing sites and your own website.

For top-of-the-funnel marketing tools, you should consider posting online listing platforms or internet listing services (ILS). These are, of course, sites like, Zillow, RentPath, and Zumper. It’s likely these are already a part of your apartment marketing plan for 2022 as most leasing teams know the need and value these listing platforms bring.

So, make sure you provide the most up-to-date information on your website and other ILS. If you’re really looking to convert prospects, you should include pre-recorded video tours if the ILS allows them! Otherwise, you should optimize your website with videos and the right keywords.

What Power Do Keywords Hold for Your Multifamily Marketing Plan?

Running parallel to those listings are tools that can improve a community’s website. Many teams today are investing heavily to push prospects to their own websites, driving as much traffic as possible to them. In fact, a huge value of the listing websites is to drive traffic back to the community website.

With all that traffic-driving effort, the website needs to be very honed in on delivering a top-tier experience. There should be a specific tone and feeling communicated to website visitors that echoes the vibe of the community and it should also focus on lead qualification and conversion. Luckily, there are plenty of technology-based apartment marketing tools that can help there.

  1. PERQ: First up is PERQ. PERQ uses artificial intelligence to create a website experience that is catered to each individual user based on the action they’re doing by allowing for various smart call-to-actions. Plus, these CTAs can include integrated video. The AI finds out someone visiting your site has a dog. AI can serve prospects videos of the dog park either on site or nearby. Or, once it determines the type of floorplan a prospect is looking for and their tentative move-in date, it can serve that visitor floor plans that may work for them in that timeframe. This property technology also integrates with a site to serve visitors smart CTAs to funnel them to register for a live virtual tour or to come to visit in person.
  2. Chatbots: One of the most common ways to improve apartment websites is through the addition of chatbots. Chatbots work with the website to chat with the visitor, proposing videos and content based on what it’s learning about that prospect. Are they fitness-oriented people? Get some videos of the fitness center in front of them. Student? That quiet common area with a coffee bar could be perfect.
  3. Engrain’s SiteMap: Using GPS technology, Sitemap helps users navigate the property through the website. It can be added to any application used to manage properties and syndicate real-time unit availability. Plus, it can integrate video into the sitemap. There can be unit and amenity-specific video content right there for users to navigate to and view. Ultimately, a visitor can click into specific units and amenities and be able to virtually experience anything from the property through the website in an authentic way.


The next move down the funnel when it comes to apartment marketing tools for 2022 involves communication tools. These tools should work to support any outreach marketing ideas for apartments and continued communication with the leads the above tools helped to qualify. One such apartment marketing technology tool is

  1. helps your team create effective experiences for prospects by supporting marketing communication efforts and email marketing ideas for apartments. This technology can help with automating initial communication responses, making that communication process with prospects streamlined and integrated. can also integrate video into those communications. Not only is that a great way to continue the qualification of those leads, but videos are what people want to see! It will increase open rates, click rates, and response rates. What’s the point of sending emails featuring fun fall marketing ideas for apartments if no one looks at them? Combining a smart apartment marketing tool like with video will certainly improve those crucial initial communications with prospects.

Each of these apartment marketing tools has huge benefits in its own unique ways. Add video integration, and they become marketing powerhouses. For anyone looking at how to increase occupancy rates, they are definitely at the top of the list to consider for 2022.

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