How to Use Video in Your Apartment Maintenance Checklist

There’s no doubt your maintenance team is a make up of all-stars as well. But, there are certainly ways teams can improve everyday headaches. By creating maintenance how-to videos (e.g. how to trip a circuit breaker), teams can reduce tickets!

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Apartment Maintenance Checklist

It is critical for apartment managers and leasing agents to make sure their units are adequately maintained. After all, they are responsible not only for keeping the residents happy but also for preserving the value of the building. One way to do exactly that is to make sure all utilities are maintained and on time, every time. If utility maintenance is allowed to lapse, this could lead to larger repair bills down the road that could take a serious bite out of revenue for your community. That is why it is important to develop an apartment maintenance checklist.

When trying to earn a building maintenance certification, it is critical to make sure all utilities are included appropriately. For this reason, it is helpful to develop a building maintenance checklist Excel spreadsheet. Then, it is possible to look at every maintenance procedure that has to be performed in every unit. It’s a way to organize every step, every utility, etc. Then, building managers may set up alerts when something in one of the units is due for a maintenance visit.

Some residents may prefer to perform maintenance on their own. In other situations, it may be helpful to have maintenance professionals handle specific issues related to the apartment building. Regardless, it may be beneficial to produce videos that show people how to perform certain maintenance procedures in this day and age. It is also helpful to develop videos that instruct people on welcoming maintenance professionals to the apartment. With access to these videos, property managers can save a significant amount of time. What does this mean for the future? How can apartment managers make sure all of their utilities are taken care of appropriately? There are several essential points to keep in mind.

Apartment Maintenance Checklist Template

When trying to develop a home maintenance checklist, it’s helpful to look at a building maintenance checklist template in excel. With access to an apartment maintenance checklist template, people do not have to worry about overlooking something. Furthermore, this is a template that could be adjusted depending on the size of the unit. For example, a studio apartment may have a slightly different maintenance requirement when compared to a two-bedroom or three-bedroom apartment. So, what has to be included on this apartment maintenance checklist template?

First, it is helpful to use a rental inspection checklist word doc. This inspection template is important because it makes sure the apartment manager does not overlook anything when a vacant unit is about to be filled. It is critical to make sure everyone is moving into a unit that has been inspected appropriately. All possible repair issues have been addressed. That way, new residents enter the unit with a feeling of confidence.

Next, it is also helpful to specify if procedures have changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Are there specific policies and procedures that have been changed recently? What about the common areas? Are there restrictions regarding how someone can use one of the common areas in the apartment? These are the key questions to address to keep residents, staff, and maintenance professionals happy.

Apartment Maintenance Checklist Template

Finally, it’s also helpful to divide certain maintenance procedures. For example, are there maintenance procedures that residents can do on their own? Even though some residents may prefer to have a professional handle everything, other people may value their privacy. They may want to handle certain maintenance tasks on their own if they can. On the other hand, there may be certain maintenance tasks that always have to be handled by a trained professional. What are they? This is something that can be included in the apartment maintenance checklist template.

These are just a few of the most important factors property managers need to consider when developing an apartment maintenance checklist. This checklist is important because it makes sure all utilities have been maintained on time. That way, it is possible to identify minor issues in certain utilities before they balloon out of control. Even though it may be a hassle to get certain utilities maintained, this can go a long way toward preventing serious problems from developing in the future. Do not underestimate the importance of routine maintenance.

Apartment Maintenance Procedures

When it comes to apartment maintenance procedures, it is important to think about safety, as this should always be at the top of the priority list. What type of procedures have to be instituted when it comes to safety? One of the most important factors has to do with the coronavirus pandemic. Prospects and residents expect routinely cleaning and more hand sanitizer dispensers. This should be a part of your standard procedures as routine cleaning is so important. It is important to ensure hand sanitizer is readily available. It’s a norm that will last.

These precautions have to be put in place when maintenance is taking place in common areas as well. What happens if something is wrong with the gym? What happens if something is wrong with the pool? How does this procedure change if a repair is taking place in the lobby? These are important questions that have to be answered, as it is important to maintain appropriate safety measures when maintenance visits occur in common areas. Apartment managers and maintenance professionals must think carefully about how these procedures can protect them during the coronavirus pandemic.

Maintenance Walk-Through Checklist

Next, it is important to address the maintenance walk-through checklist as well. This type of checklist is important because it allows residents, property managers, and maintenance professionals to stay organized. It allows conversation and questions to flow as leasing professionals walk prospects through the apartment. What is the best way to handle this type of checklist? It could be a good idea to produce videos showing people exactly what has to be handled. These videos come in many shapes and forms. For example, a video may simply show someone all utilities that are present in the apartment building. That way, they understand what to look for if something goes wrong with one of their utilities.

Then, it may be helpful to produce more detailed videos as well. These videos are helpful because they show people exactly how they can address maintenance issues in the building. Instead of simply showing people various utilities that should not be overlooked, consider providing detailed videos. Explain to prospects how certain procedures have to be handled. Of course, it is important to prioritize safety when taking a look at these types of videos. There are maintenance procedures that experienced professionals should only handle with the right training and equipment.

Residential Property Maintenance Checklist

When developing a residential property maintenance checklist, it is also important to divide certain maintenance procedures by season. For example, certain maintenance tasks may be performed only during the summer. On the other hand, there may be other maintenance tasks that are performed only during the winter. In general, it is important to address certain maintenance procedures before that specific utility may be required. For example, if the heater will be needed during the winter, it is probably a good idea to address the heater before the temperature gets cold outside. That way, any problems can be addressed before the heater is needed.

It could also be helpful to point out the lifespan of certain pieces of equipment. For example, how long do people expect an HVAC unit the last? When is it important to think about replacing the roof? Are there certain restrictions on certain types of plumbing utilities? By answering these questions and helpful videos, everyone knows how long they should expect certain utilities to last. Then, they can price out replacement options before they urgently need them. This could save someone a significant amount of money down the road. Be sure to put videos to use for this task as well.

Building Maintenance Checklist

Ultimately, there is a lot to think about when it comes to a building maintenance checklist. One of the most important things property managers need to do is make sure this maintenance checklist is scalable. This means that if the apartment community or building continues to grow, the checklist remains relevant. Some checklists could change or evolve as multifamily communities change. That is why it is important to produce relevant videos that can help people figure out exactly what has to happen to take care of the building.

Without this type of checklist, people may lose what they should do regarding building maintenance. They may not know what types of issues require the attention of trained professionals. They may not know what types of issues they can handle on their own. By thinking about these issues ahead of time, property managers and leasing agents can save a significant amount of money. Finally, it is also possible for upcoming maintenance professionals to watch these videos, educating themselves regarding common issues they may face when they partner with a community. Remember, trained professionals are always willing to lend a helping hand.

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