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How Video Is More Powerful Than 3D Walkthrough Software

Today’s prospective residents are savvier than ever, and demand real experiences. This means leasing teams need to show prospective renters the real space. Video can help meet those demands more than 3D tours.

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    because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video.

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3D Walkthrough Software

Without a doubt, technology has changed almost every industry. This includes the real estate industry. Technology has changed how people approach looking for an apartment and how these buildings are marketed. One of the biggest changes has been the growth of 3D walkthrough software. If you are wondering what a 3D walkthrough is, this is software that allows people to take a look at what a potential apartment in a multifamily community is going to look like using a 3D, interactive experience. Many people have found this helpful for prospective residents who might not be able to take a tour of a particular home in-person and want to see a 3D representation of the space.

While beneficial for initial marketing purposes, 3D touring software has the potential of quickly becoming outdated and having limited use for actual multifamily leasing purposes. The reason is that prospective residents simply do not want to see a photoshopped version of the place they may choose to live or an environment that feels fabricated. This is not reflective of what it is going to be like to actually live in a particular community. Prospects are rarely willing to sign on the dotted line unless they can see a real, unaltered, and unfiltered view of where they are actually going to be living. For this reason, it is important for anyone running a multifamily property to give prospective residents that opportunity to see exactly what they want to see in a simple, efficient manner.

In some cases, these ‘real’ experiences can even save money over 3D walkthrough technology. Take for instance, the Realync video leasing solution. Realync allows onsite teams to save money on 3D technology while also aligning with exactly what residents want to see in the leasing process. Video, both live and recorded, is far simpler than any VR, 360, or 3D tech solution too, making it much easier to be an integrated, effective tool for leasing professionals.

How To Make 3D Walkthrough

When someone is trying to make an apartment walkthrough using a 3d camera online, this is a complicated process.

Often, this requires special equipment along with a tremendous amount of time. It might even require specialized technology that people might have to purchase for only a few tours. All of this is done to provide someone with an experience that they might not even want. A special virtual tour camera is even needed to create a virtual tour video.

This is the same even if someone is wondering how to make a Google virtual tour. For this reason, many people are looking for alternatives to this type of a virtual tour real estate.

Keep in mind that new technology is usually more expensive as well. This means that people are going to end up shelling out a tremendous amount of money to hire specialists who know how to operate this type of 3D technology. Then, they are going to be faced with prospective residents who are disappointed when they realize that the 3D tour is simply not reflective of what the unit is actually like.

This type of misalignment should be enough of a trigger for everyone to consider looking at other options. Leasing agents and property managers need to think about other ways to attract potential residents to the property given the potential short-fallings of 3D software when it comes to lead-to-lease conversion. This is where a purpose-built leasing solution like Realync can be very helpful. Instead of producing a 3D representation of what a property might look like, take the time to show them what the property actually does look like. This type of value is going to matter to prospective residents and can go a long way toward helping multifamily properties to keep their leasing conversion rates high. Leasing agents who are willing to invest in alternative options are going to be rewarded on the other side with more people who are willing to sign a lease and make your building their home.

3D Walkthrough Services

As technology has continued to advance, the advertisements always say that newer is going to be better.

As more and more technology reaches the open market, people are going to think that they will be able to get an edge on the competition by investing in these new devices and finding ways to leave the competition in the dust. But does the same ring true with 3D walkthrough services?

Anyone who is willing to invest in 3D walkthrough animation services is clearly committed to properly marketing and leasing up their multifamily community; however, one must stop to ask what the actual strategy is to put those 3D architectural walkthrough services to use. In 2020, consumers have spoken and 3D virtual tours are not the conversion machines that they were once hailed as. The technology behind an architectural walkthrough may be impressive, but they leave a lot to be desired and are not viewed as actual tours of the building. And on top of that, most onsite teams are not equipped to produce these experiences on their own. This means that many people are going to have to hire an outside firm to do a virtual reality house walkthrough and ensure that everything works exactly as planned.

This means that there is going to be an added expense for the property in addition to the expense that was already shelled out just to buy the software. With an extra middle-man in the picture, this is going to create issues when it comes to translation between what the leasing agent wants, what the services can produce, and what the prospective resident actually wants to see. This leads to a lackluster experience for anyone who is thinking about renting a unit, leading to a lower conversion rate, a lower occupancy rate, and less revenue for the building. As a result, leasing agents really need to work hard to find alternatives to this type of tech. This type of technology is simply not going to get the job done. The good news is that there are plenty of other ways to show an open unit to a resident. Checking out these other options is going to reflect positively on the property’s commitment to its residents.

3D Walkthrough Cost

One of the biggest reasons why 3D walkthrough tech is simply not a viable option for multifamily properties that are looking to show off units to prospective residents is that the services are simply too expensive and time-intensive. The 3D virtual tour cost are time required to create these experiences are simply too much for most properties to bear.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they are looking at this tech is that they make the assumption that it’s going to magically handle everything else on its own once they get the software installed. This is simply not the case. Operating this software to its maximum potential is going to require the help of specialists. Furthermore, it can be hard to find people who are willing to maintain these experiences after being created should changes need to be made or any floor plans, units, or amenities needing to be reshot. This only adds to the expense.

Furthermore, many leasing agents are going to have to hire IT professionals who are familiar with 3D animation to try to spruce up the images and videos that are being created using this type of tech. Because of the tremendous demand for technical people in this industry, this is going to make a 3D house walkthrough or a virtual walkthrough incredibly expensive, thus limiting how many your community will ultimately be able to pay for. And not having coverage across all floor plans is an instant limiting factor. In many situations, it is going to make the cost prohibitively expensive for anyone who is looking to put this tech to use.

This is why virtual reality real estate simply isn’t viable today. The opportunity cost in this area is simply not worth it. The amount of time that people spend trying to make this tech work simply leaves too much on the table. The experience prospective residents get with this type of 3D tech is nothing compared to what people get when they are able to use Realync for video leasing. This software is less expensive and will provide prospective residents with a more accurate depiction of what they are going to see if they decide to move into an available unit in a multifamily property.

Virtual Tour Software

Some people might have heard about virtual tour software free that can act as a virtual tour creator. The number one biggest tip for any multifamily professional is to never search for “free” when thinking virtual touring software. Instead, search for the best virtual tour software 2019 or the best virtual tour software 2020. No prospective resident today wants to see a free virtual tour app being used to create a representation of what it might be like to live in an available unit.

There are open source virtual tour software options; however, virtual tour software online is simply not going to give customers what they are looking for unless it is purpose-built for multifamily touring. This means that multifamily communities and leasing agents are going to have to find an alternative to free virtual tour hosting services.

So much has changed in the world of technology and this has led to consumers changing their expectations as well. It is important for people to ask the question about what they are truly going to get by investing in this type of technology. If the answer doesn’t have something to do with happier residents, then it is time to move on.

360 Virtual Tour Software

Another option that people might have heard about is a 360 virtual tour. Similar to 3D touring tech, a 360 degree virtual tour may offer some creative technology, but will likely fall short for someone who would like to actually see an exact unit. While some consumers may feel like a 360 virtual tour hosting is a closer representation to the real thing than what a 3D virtual tour can provide, these 360 tours can also struggle to provide a truly accurate depiction of an available unit. Furthermore, people can sink a tremendous amount of time into figuring how to make a 360 virtual tour free sketch. This is time that is better spent in other areas. Therefore, leasing agents need to think about alternatives that are going to show prospective residents exactly what they are going to get if they invest in alternative options such as Realync. This is going to result in a higher return on investment.

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