360 Virtual Apartment Video Tours to Convert ILS Listings to Leases

Continue reading below to learn how to make a virtual tour without a 360 camera of your own. We cover everything you need to know about capturing apartment video content for your multifamily virtual tours. We also make recommendations on 360 video production services if you lack the technical expertise or equipment.

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360 Virtual Tours for Unit-Level and Amenity Videos

Virtual apartment tours have become a critical tool for leasing agents to showcase their properties to potential renters. A 360 virtual apartment tour provides an immersive experience for renters, allowing them to explore the apartment in a complete 360-degree view. We will explore the benefits and challenges of creating a 360 virtual apartment tour, as well as strategies, cameras, software, and services that can help you create an engaging virtual tour that will help you close more leases faster.

Before we go further, who is Realync and why are we the experts in 360 virtual apartment tours? Realync is multifamily’s complete virtual solution. Our Realync360 team operates the best 360 camera for real estate video tours, and we can capture unit-level and community content for your properties.

360 Video Production Services for Multifamily Virtual Tours

Benefits of a 360 Virtual Apartment Tour

Convenience: Virtual apartment tours allow potential renters to explore the apartment from the comfort of their own home — saving time and energy. Leasing teams today need to be equipped to provide the experience that an individual prospect is looking for (in person, self-guided, virtual, live video, 360 video), no matter their physical location.

Better Engagement: A 360 virtual apartment tour provides an immersive experience that can increase engagement and interest in the property. By enabling leasing teams to provide the customer service the prospect is looking for no matter the experience, you will be guaranteed to convert leads more efficiently.

Viewer Controls: Give your renters the ability to customize their viewing experience! Self-guided, interactive tours allow viewers to “move” through the apartment at their own pace and in the order they want. With Real360, they can actually control the view of the camera as the video progresses!

Increased Reach: Virtual tours can be shared easily on social media and other online platforms, allowing you to reach a wider audience. In such a competitive market, leasing teams need to capture the attention of a prospect while they have it and convert that prospect because if they don’t, then they will move on.

Cost-effective: Virtual tours can save your team money on marketing materials and physical tours. By enabling unit-level search with the media type that a consumer prefers to engage with, you will see your conversion rates improve. Real360 makes virtual tours feasible, scalable, and efficient to meet the demands of your business.

Challenges to Making 360 Videos

Equipment: Creating a high-quality virtual tour requires specific equipment, such as a 360 camera, which can be expensive.

Technical Expertise: Creating a virtual tour requires technical expertise, including knowledge of 360 cameras and editing software. It takes training to become an expert in 360 degree videography.

Capturing Unit-level Media at Scale: Teams are strapped for resources and taking the time to create each video when units turn is difficult to make a priority.

Renter Expectations: In the past, we’ve been able to exceed renter expectations by just simply having video instead of photos. Gone are those days. Now, it’s important that we meet the renter with the content they desire and get their eyes on the product (your community!) as soon as possible to be competitive!

Engage Prospects With an Immersive Website Experience

Strategies for Creating a Successful 360 Virtual Tour

Capture During Turn Process: The easiest way to begin with 360 videos is to add the task to your turn process. This will make the exact unit content available for the next potential renter and allow leasing teams fewer vacant days between leases.

Use Music and Text Overlays: Adding music and text overlays to the virtual tour can help highlight key features and amenities of the community/apartment to showcase what separates you from the competition.

Optimize for Mobile: Most people view virtual tours on their mobile devices, so it’s essential to optimize the tour for mobile viewing — bringing the concept of providing the experience your prospect expects and offering multiple tour types full circle or “360”, if you will. 😉

Explore Vendors/Third Parties: Consider vetting out experts in your industry to create brand-consistent videos at scale. Showcase your property in the best light using quality expertise.

What You’ll Need for 360 Video and 360 Click-Thru Tours

Available Units Ready for Recording: To create captivating content, you need available apartments to record. It’s important to have the space clean and prepped before filming. We recommend opening the blinds, closing toilet lids, turning on all the lights, etc.

Software for Creating a 360 Virtual Apartment Tour: Realync not only provides you with the services to record and store your media, but the ability to easily share them with prospects and residents. Realync also allows you to then track the views and engagement from that content!

What is the Best 360 Virtual Tour Software?

Services for Creating a 360 Virtual Apartment Tour

Creating a 360 virtual apartment tour can provide numerous benefits for leasing teams — including increased engagement, reach, and cost-effectiveness. However, there are also challenges to creating a successful virtual tour — including technical expertise. Relying on 360 video production services, your team can instead switch focus to resident engagement and retention so you can achieve your leasing goals.

Realync provides multifamily’s complete virtual solution with professional 360 video production services for the multifamily industry. Learn more about Real360 for 360 Video and 360 Click-Thru tours!

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