Chicago, here we come! Realync is traveling back to their home turf! Yup, Realync was initially founded in Chicago, Illinois. But that’s enough of a history lesson for today—let’s talk about this year’s NAA Apartmentalize!

Get ready for all the pizza, sightseeing, and networking! Along with chowing down on some good food, be sure to consume all the captivating messages from Kristi Fickert, Lisa Trosien, and many more. We can’t wait to absorb insights from many of this year’s speaking sessions! In fact, we laid out a few below that might pique your interest! Grow your knowledge, reconnect with old friends and connect with peers, and get ready to recharge with Realync in Chicago on August 31st until September 2nd!

Visit Booth #528 and Chat Video Leasing!

Everything You Know About Leasing is Wrong | When: Wednesday, Sept. 1. From 9:45 – 10:30 a.m.

Join our friend, Lisa Trosien’s, Apartment Expert, speaking session at NAA! Lisa’s always bringing the energy, and we know she won’t disappoint!

“Pandemic Priorities” now guide customer choices, and following the coronavirus societal shift, somatic markers must be considered when working with prospects. Being quarantined with limited access to activities and loved ones, as well as the uncertainty of the economy and jobs, has created a more emotional client, so your values need to align with theirs. Re-learn how to lease apartments by shifting the customer journey to one that recognizes new expectations, preferences, and needs in this informative, fast-paced session.

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The Magic of Marketing Math: Numbers + Storytelling = Superpowers | When: Thursday, Sept. 2nd from 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Of course, we need to tout our very own Kristi Fickert, Realync’s Vice President of Enterprise Growth! Kristi will discuss how leasing and marketing in the rental housing industry requires an infinite amount of creativity. Kristi poses the question, “What happens when you’re expected to be a creative creature and mathematician?” The answer — you become a rental housing rockstar!

Learn how to leverage math to get your desired leasing outcomes and which data and calculations are most likely to help you make a robust difference in your onsite performance. From increased closing ratios to matching your online ad budgets with the seasonality of your business, math is a critical component to your success.

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Embrace the Breaks

Trade shows are a great time, but it can be exhausting! So, when you need that midday break, recharge with Realync! We would love for you to stop by booth #528, and recharge with liquid IV packets and water bottles, an oxygen bar, charging stations, and some great company!

Another speaking session we have our eyes on is…

What’s Next for Apartment Touring | When: Wednesday. Sept. 1. From 3: 45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

As you may know, Realync believes technology and the human connection should go hand-in-hand! Of course, prospects want to buy from other people in an authentic exchange, but at the same time, prospects like the convenience factor technology solutions bring. That’s why we are excited about this session!

A recent rental housing study found that 88% of respondents say their company has offered self-guided tours for less than a year. What was once a platform considered with many precautionary factors became an overnight necessity due to COVID-19. Once the virus is under control, will the apartment touring process resume as normal? It’s not likely. This session discusses the next phase of apartment touring, which must strike the balance of remote technology and personal connection, as well as how operators can stay ahead of the competition.

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Speaking session information was pulled from NAA’s schedule. For a full rundown of what to expect at this year’s event, check out the schedule now!

Get Excited

Bottom line? NAA Apartmentalize has quite the line-up of experienced speakers, dedicated vendors, and great opportunities for everyone to network safely. We can’t wait to meet you!