Multifamily properties look at how to generate apartment traffic, both in-person and online consistently. When it comes to the digital world, leveling up your digital curb appeal online is the best way to do just that. There are a variety of smart and fun marketing ideas for apartments. We suggest taking a look at property technology-focused tools to help amplify your marketing efforts.

Showcasing your property’s digital curb appeal is an important way to stand out and capture a prospect’s interest. But what is digital curb appeal and what apartment marketing tools are available to help enhance it? We got you covered.

What is Digital Curb Appeal?

In this day and age, prospects aren’t going to be physically driving up to your property to check it out at first. They are much more likely to visit your website or other digital real estate sites first. That means your digital curb appeal and your apartment digital marketing are just as important as your physical curb appeal.

You most likely spend time and effort cleaning up your landscaping. It’s important to have easy-to-understand signage, and a clear path directing prospects to the leasing office as part of your physical curb appeal. And, you’ll need the same on your website! You’ll need to offer the same sort of care, clarity, and consistent look and feel on your website, on social media profiles, and on your digital assets.

However, that’s just one step. You should also utilize apartment marketing tools to help guide your visitors through your digital assets. Think of them as extensions of your property. You wouldn’t want a prospect showing up and wandering around your physical property without guidance. Think of your digital property the same way. You’ll want to guide them through the experience, not having a visitor be aimless and not knowing where to go to find what they want and need to see. Luckily, there are plenty of apartment marketing materials and technologies available that make that part easy.

Adding Videos to Your Digital Curb Appeal

Realync, the leading video leasing and engagement platform for multifamily teams, provides plenty of ways to make the virtual leasing process seamless online. In terms of showcasing digital curb appeal, pre-recorded video technology is particularly beneficial. Using video as an apartment marketing tool in all your digital assets or platforms – websites, social media profiles, and apartment email marketing – is a huge benefit. Not only does it capture eyeballs more than plain text, but it will also provide higher levels of engagement, increased likes, clicks, and open rates, and time spent on site.

  • 72% of people would rather learn about a product through video than any other channel
  • 83% say video increases dwell time on websites
  • Video can increase conversion by up to 80%
  • Viewers retain 95% of a video message

SiteMap by Engrain

SiteMap is another great apartment marketing tool to bring your digital curb appeal to the next level. Using GPS technology, SiteMap lets visitors tour your site virtually and allows them to dive into any aspect of the community they are interested in.

Realync easily integrates with SiteMap to provide unique, unit-specific video tours mapped into the functionality. For example, someone can click into a north-facing, 2-bedroom apartment unit to see exactly what that specific unit looks like and what the view is. They’ll get the full experience of living on the north side of the building versus the south side of the building. This truly showcases the property in an authentic, yet uniquely digital way.


PERQ provides artificial intelligence (AI) Leasing Assistant that will make recommendations, trigger pop-ups, and calls-to-action based on what a visitor is interested in, what actions they are or are not taking, and any information the AI has learned about the visitor. It truly allows leasing teams to direct the prospect through the digital property based on the prospect’s needs.

This apartment marketing tool makes your property website work for you. This also integrates with the Realync video offering by pulling up relevant videos and recommending them to the prospect. If the AI gathers information that the prospect has a dog, it can offer them videos of the dog park on the property or nearby.

Integrating these technology powerhouses into your apartment marketing tools and apartment leasing strategies is a sure way to showcase your digital curb appeal. That will start the process of engaging prospects sooner and in a more meaningful way, leading to a more efficient, successful lead-to-lease process.

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