Around this time every year leasing slows down in the colder months. In some areas of the country it’s cold and snowy, in other areas it’s cold and rainy. The weather definitely plays a part in apartment leasing.

However, leasing in the winter isn’t a lost cause! As with everything, there are exceptions. There ARE still plenty of prospective residents out there looking for an apartment regardless of the climate weather or business of the season. It just means being equipped with the right technology and know-how to capture those who are in the market for a new place to live.

That’s why virtual leasing is a must-have for multifamily all year round but can be particularly valuable and helpful during the winter.

Keep Leasing Activities Going

In winter it’s even more important for teams to be equipped and ready with the right tools and resources to be able to capitalize on leads when they do come in. This means being able to provide the exact experience that prospects are looking for. It’s important to provide options, especially in the winter months, which means virtual leasing. As we discussed above, multifamily real estate leasing activities tend to see a slow down in winter for a multitude of reasons. Yet, leasing teams can definitely fight back against the winter blues by virtual leasing apartments on their properties.

Virtual leasing allows leasing teams to provide the full leasing experience to prospects – and the prospect doesn’t even need to leave the warmth of their home. Leasing teams can offer video tours in the winter, either pre-recorded or live. By doing this, prospects can experience on their own time and from wherever they may be. If they don’t want to bundle up, they can still see all the amenities. Or, maybe your prospective resident is looking for a new apartment but traveled to escape the cold. They can still, via video tour, see the exact unit they could be living in from anywhere. There’s no need to slow down the process. That’s a huge reason why you should make sure virtual leasing is promoted as part of your multifamily marketing plan.

Not entirely convinced? See how video is working for your competitors.

Virtual Leasing Wins

Virtual leasing is by far the most convenient way to lease a property and for prospects to experience a property. That’s true any time of year, however, winter is really the best time to see the value shine through.

Your prospects still have expectations for their leasing experience, regardless of the time of year. They want to see what they want to see. They want their exact questions answered. They want a fully personalized experience. With the right built-for-multifamily virtual leasing platform, they can have all of that without leaving the comfort and warmth of their home.

Using video leasing tips, you can record and pull together a playlist of personalized, pre-recorded video tours showing prospects their exact potential unit and the amenities that matter to them. Or, invite them to tour via a live virtual tour so they can see the space and interact with the leasing team while prospects are under a blanket in the comfort of their warm home.

Virtual leasing is smart leasing for apartments, allowing leasing agents to capitalize on the leads as they come in, providing prospects the experience they are looking for and still be able to drive leads to leases through the funnel.

It may be cold outside, but there is no reason for that to put a deep freeze on your leasing activities. With the right virtual leasing platform built specifically for multifamily, you’ll keep the heat on your lead-to-lease funnel all year round.

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