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When Does a Virtual Tour Come in Handy?

When on-site staff screens out-of-state, or overseas, prospective residents, what does that process look like for your team? This is where virtual tours come in handy!

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Accelerate Leasing

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    Speed Up Lease Up

    by providing construction updates and showcase your space without having to do hard hat tours.

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    by ‘showing’ them without having to physically tour the space by sending pre-recorded videos.

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    when you receive notifications when prospects are viewing videos to cater your follow up.

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    by removing roadblocks and barriers in the leasing process.

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    by making it a breeze for out-of-market leads to choose your community.

Improve Community Engagement

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    via pre-recorded videos by linking via social media or internal apps.

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    by creating maintenance videos.

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    by receiving notifications when residents are viewing videos to know who has seen a message and who hasn’t.

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    because consumers retain 10% of a message when reading it via text, but 90% of a message when viewed in a video.

More Than Software

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    Virtual Training

    is available for every property utilizing Realync.

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    Make your video efforts consistent

    with one set, standardized process and platform.

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    across your entire portfolio.

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Virtual Tour Real Estate

Virtual tours are vital in marketing multifamily apartment communities in today’s consumer-driven environment. Shoppers are accustomed to modern online shopping experiences with authentic video content when they shop for clothing, cars, beauty products, and household items. These prospective residents expect the same high-quality experience and real video content when online shopping for their housing. As prospective residents continue to do a large amount of their apartment shopping online, the importance of having an authentic video touring software, such as Realync, is needed to accomplish success with virtual tour real estate. Prospective residents want to be able to quickly and easily get a feel for the apartments available before committing to traveling to visit in-person. Multifamily communities are often in competitive markets, and ensuring the availability of a high-quality video can help keep prospective residents engaged and intrigued.

In addition to an elevated, competitive online shopping experience, virtual tours also provide potential residents convenience and ease. Many millennials move often and are more likely to move across cities and states, making virtual tours non-negotiable as often in-person touring is limited by logistics. Multifamily communities can differentiate and provide an elevated customer experience from their first interaction through the virtual tour by reducing the stress of coordinating schedules and allowing people to get a realistic, authentic look into a potential unit. Also, virtual tours eliminate the need for hard hat tours for new construction, which can be a safety liability and, in some states, are becoming illegal.

Virtual Tour Software

Real estate virtual tour software allows multifamily owners and managers to create virtual tours for prospective residents effectively.

With a simple smartphone device, virtual tour software provides the ability to create compelling, authentic videos. Widely recognized as the best virtual tour software in 2020, Realync allows property managers, agents, and owners to host live or pre-recorded tours with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The live tour capabilities allow for the ultimate personalized digital experience, especially for the most serious and lucrative potential residents.

On the other hand, pre-recorded tours powered by the virtual tour software provides an option to give early-stage prospects a chance to see the highlights of your property quickly. This capability allows for the most effective use of time for multifamily managers and leasing teams to reduce unnecessary time spent while ensuring a high-quality virtual tour to all prospective residents.

Even when using a pre-recorded video, there is still the ability to customize the video or add some personalization for a specific prospect before sending the video through email, text, or social media. Many clients of Realync have found success by creating a cloud-based library of videos targeted at specific needs or concerns. An example of this could be videos focused on potential residents with kids or pets who may want to take a more in-depth look at specific amenities and offerings.

Realync is the best real estate virtual tour software because we are continually innovating and adding integrations and features to our platform. This innovation includes automatic cloud storage of all videos, legal risk mitigation by creating an audit trail for Fair Housing requirements and robust integrations with leading lead management and website providers within the multifamily industry. Also, the analytics portal allows for meaningful insights about content efficacy, lead engagement, and the overall usage and effectiveness of virtual tours.

Interactive Virtual Tour

One of the keys to great interactive virtual tours is authenticity. Many legacy real estate virtual tour tools and service providers focused on 3D and 360 tours. While the technology and equipment are often exciting, the output is off-base to what consumers want.

Many of these 3D and 360 tours are overly staged and appear fake to consumers. There are countless examples where a unit 3D rendering looked like a creepy dollhouse or a 360 tour turned into a maze where the prospective resident gets stuck looking at an obscure corner.

A key benefit to the approach of interactive virtual tours with Realync is that no special equipment is needed—meaning the investment to get started is often lower. Just like you would send a video to a friend or family member, you capture and share your video on a smartphone device. Not only does this approach create convenience and ease, but it also means that the final videos are authentic, optionally live, and low-fidelity videos that potential residents find relatable.

Virtual Tour Camera

Virtual tour camera equipment is often required when creating real estate 360 virtual tours. Generally speaking, the hardware investment for a real estate 360 virtual tour camera starts at $1,000 and can quickly balloon to over $10,000. Besides, tour editing software and a skilled professional to capture the footage are also needed.

While this investment could be justified for some multifamily owners, the problem lies in the fact that the resulting experience is not what consumers want. These costs are unnecessary and misguided, and they also force property managers and leasing agents to lose focus on their real priorities, which are often connecting with and converting prospective residents.

When it comes to how to make a virtual tour for real estate, there is a better option, which is focusing on the customer. This alternative begins with showing prospective residents precisely what they want to see, which can be done effortlessly with a virtual tour software tool like Realync where you can give a live tour of a property or send pre-recorded, authentic, customized tours.

Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing

Real estate virtual tour pricing and real estate virtual tour services costs have become substantial portions of many owners and property management companies’ marketing budgets. This increased spending has occurred as new gadgets and upgrades, as well as the real estate virtual hosting costs, have ballooned in recent years. This misguided innovation within the real estate virtual tour sector is getting more and more expensive to multifamily owners. Furthermore, it’s not producing the results promised by the real estate virtual tour companies.

Realync has taken a wildly different approach and is bucking the trend of using fancy buzzwords that are proliferated throughout real estate virtual tour services. Instead, the focus of Realync is all about delivering what people want, which is ultimately a real and authentic virtual real estate tour experience. The live and low-fidelity recorded video that prospective residents can view on any device is compelling, informative, and provides the realness that modern consumers crave.

In addition to consumer feedback and preferences, Realync has gathered strong quantitative data to support the claim that authentic video wins against highly produced 360 virtual tours and 3D virtual tours. Realync helps lease-up properties reach occupancy quicker and improves resident leads-to-lease conversion rates. We have numerous client testimonials and case studies that support and bring to life this data, working with multifamily properties of all types. Additional metrics positively impacted include time to close a lease and improved close rates for site unseen leases. Realync offers a lower-cost solution with better and more measurable results, which most property owners would consider an obvious win-win.

360 Virtual Tour

While most anyone would agree that innovation is a great thing, there is always a risk of innovating in the wrong direction than what consumers and users want and need. This statement is very true of 360 virtual tour providers as well as 360 degree real estate tour market. They have created features that are confusing for users and an end-product that often feels fake and overproduced to consumers. Also, this has skyrocketed the real estate 360 photography pricing, leading many buyers to consider eliminating or looking for alternatives to the 360 virtual tour.

Some of the most significant downsides of the 360 virtual tours is that they can be time-intensive, costly to produce, and quickly become dated by their one-size-fits-all approach. The ability to do a live tour instead of a 360 video real estate tour allows for a necessary element of human interaction and judgment in showing units and property highlights to prospective residents. A live, virtual tour guide can pick up on areas of interest and provide additional commentary and video shots for those areas. With most real estate 3D tours being stagnant, you often can’t get more information or detail while in the experience and instead create another step and barrier to convert more of your real estate leads to leases.

Open Source Virtual Tour Software

With the high costs from 3d tour providers, it’s an obvious consideration for many to save money with an open source virtual tour software platform. While this can be a positive step forward and allow for someone to evaluate the options and approaches available, it is vital to consider the hidden costs. Many free options require a fair amount of time in learning the platform and often have underdeveloped user interfaces, which limit who within an organization can effectively use the virtual tour real estate free software platform.

Licensed virtual tour software solutions provide a more robust toolkit and additional functionality that help you most effectively attract leads and ultimately convert the leads to leases. Virtual tour market leader Realync includes automatic cloud back-up of all videos. In addition, the Realync platform has a rich analytics module that allows you to quickly see the effectiveness and conversion rates of various live and pre-recorded virtual tour experiences. Additionally, we have a wealth of expertise and best practices that we share with clients, resulting in a better and smoother experience for the end-consumer. We have a dedicated client success program and also have the expertise and insights of having over 100,000 video tours completed on our platform.

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