When we say there is more to virtual tour software than just video, we mean just that. The most impactful virtual leasing and virtual touring solution should give you more than the ability to create or communicate over video.

Video is a major factor, of course. However, there are many other pieces that enable a virtual touring software to be the integrated, effective, efficient solution that converts leads to leases – increasing the ROI.

The right virtual tour software will include more than just rich media. It will include an entire suite of services that make the software a powerful virtual leasing tool. Here are a few must-haves.

Tracking, Data, and Analytics 

No matter the type of virtual tour equipment and software a leasing team uses, it should provide sophisticated reporting. Regardless of whether they are producing a 3d virtual tour, 360 virtual tour, prerecorded or live video tours, teams need to know what works, what doesn’t, and how to adjust accordingly. In order to do so, tracking analytics is a necessity.

When it comes to virtual tour software, teams need to think about more than just recording a video. They need to consider the actual effectiveness of the videos and tours toward their ultimate goal – getting a lease signed. So, an agent records an amazing video. They send it to their lead. Does the prospective resident open and watch the video? Did they share it? Or, if the agent sent three or four videos, which one did they spend the most time watching? Did they prefer one unit video over another? If the videos were about the amenities, what did they focus on? Ultimately, leasing teams need comprehensive data on how prospects are engaging with their virtual tour videos.

Seamless Integrations and Accessibility 

In order to create 3d virtual tours for real estate, suppose a multifamily community invests in expensive 3d walkthrough software. Or maybe the community leverages a 360 virtual tour hosting or a free virtual tour app.

Virtual tour software should be a powerful virtual leasing tool that helps make the leasing process more efficient and effective. Leasing agents should be able to easily access their data right from within the tool. It should not take too much extra time or resources. In the end, proper tour software and virtual leasing solutions that integrate into a team’s existing systems and processes will provide insights and visibility that will perform exponentially better.

Fair Housing Compliant 

If the virtual tour software is not Fair Housing Compliant, it’s not worth the effort. Period. From free virtual tour software to high end tour management systems or virtual tour apps, the tour software used must adhere to the Fair Housing Act. Most virtual tools do not automatically reflect or include Fair Housing compliance or track the applicant process, making it easy for gaps to arise or mistakes to be made.

However, you can easily avoid this risk.  Use a tour software that not only records all tours, live or prerecorded, saves the recordings to the cloud, and also displays the Equal Housing / ADA logos and disclaimers throughout the tour. For additional information about Fair Housing and the implications with video, click here.

While video is a key part of any virtual tour software or virtual leasing solution, it’s not the only thing. Leasing agents need a software platform that does more than just create videos. Multifamily communities need all the other components to turn the software into a powerful, effective tool that effectively and efficiently converts leads into leases.

Check out tour software that incorporates all of the characteristics above