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The Franklin Johnston Group Achieved a Whopping 145% Increase in Ad Campaign Conversion Rates — Learn How

“Partnering with GREENstick for our PPC campaigns and using Realync's video content for our apartment homes not only exceeded expectations, but the partnership rewrote the playbook."

Angie Lombardi

Vice President of Marketing, The Franklin Johnston Group

The Trailer

The traditional way of running advertising campaigns just doesn’t cut it anymore.

As a multifamily marketer, you could continue to run ad campaigns with static images, but you know you’ll lose engagement — and money.

Instead, consider using video content in your advertising campaigns. Video content grabs attention and plays well with algorithms.

Want proof? Angie Lombardi, VP of Marketing at The Franklin Johnston Group, discusses how teaming up with Realync and GREENstick significantly increased her ad campaigns—a whopping 145%.

The Challenge

The Franklin Johnston Group struggled with low engagement and conversion rates on static image ads for Greenwich Village. Their other communities using video ads performed much better.

The Franklin Johnston Group partners with GREENstick, a marketing agency, to manage its digital marketing efforts, such as paid ad campaigns. The Franklin Johnston Group also partners with Realync for its video strategy.

As a Realync agency partner, Chris Beckwith-Taylor, Founder and Chief Strategist of GREENstick, asked Realync if his team could use The Franklin Johnston Group’s video content for an A/B test to compare static images in one of Greenwich Village’s ad campaigns against video content in the property’s ads.

For creative, Chris used a combination of unit-level videos and videos of Greenwich Village’s amenities, all created and stored in the Realync platform.

What happened next was shocking.

The Outcome

The Franklin Johnston Group’s video ad campaigns exceeded expectations! In the first 14 days, Chris reported:

On Meta:

— A 160% increase in click-through rates on the video ads vs. static image ads
— A 31% decrease in cost per click for the video ads vs. static image ads
— A 145% increase in conversion rates on video ads vs. static image ads

On Google:

— 1.5k more impressions
— 45+ more clicks
— 63% decrease in cost per conversion
— 500% increase in conversions

What started as an A/B test grew into The Franklin Johnston Group using video more consistently across its communities’ leasing and marketing strategies.


The Future Goal

The Franklin Johnston Group team captured the attention of prospective renters it hadn’t been reaching with static image ad campaigns.

“With a remarkable 145% increase in conversion rates, our journey with GREENstick and Realync has become a testament to the power of strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technologies,” Angie said.

By continuing to prioritize video content in its marketing strategy, The Franklin Johnston Group will generate new leads and excite renters – all with a lower investment in advertising.

“I’m not surprised video content performed better. This video content approach creates stronger emotional connections, which is crucial for potential residents. There’s also the SEO benefit, too. Videos improve search engine rankings as they increase the time visitors spend on a website,” said Chris.

We’re not surprised either, Chris. 🙏

“The success of this video campaign has been eye-opening! We'll strategically integrate video across our portfolio, tailoring online experiences to each property's needs and budget."

Angie Lombardi

Vice President of Marketing, The Franklin Johnston Group

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