We all know when something looks “professional” or just plain “wrong”, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine the “why”.

Realync’s recording and editing platform makes it easy to create videos. We’ve collaborated with our clients and our client success team to come up with what not to do in creating your Realync videos. Avoid these common mistakes, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a Realync pro!

Take a look at these practical “what not to do’s” to ensure that you’re putting your best foot forward with your residents and prospective residents:

Stabilizer video

1. Don’t free hand it… Use your stabilizer! 

Make your stabilizer your new best friend! Your stabilizer is there to make your life easier so you can put all of your focus into getting the best video shots and angles instead of keeping your hand steady.


2. Don’t film in portrait mode… Always use landscape mode

All Realync videos must be recorded in landscape mode! I repeat, landscape mode!!! Recording in landscape mode allows you to capture so much more in one shot than portrait mode does.


3. Don’t use the joystick… Use natural hand movements

Take a deep breath and don’t even worry about the controls on the stabilizer! All you need to do is move your stabilizer with your arm naturally. Less buttons to worry about=easier recording experience!


4. Don’t record one long video… Use individual clips

Recording in smaller clips allows you to use all of Realync’s amazing editing features!!
Need a refreshed on editing? Check out this video!


5. Don’t spin… Remember to stand and pan

We know it might be fun to spin around in your chair, but save that for your lunch break and not in your Realync video. We don’t want to make your viewers seasick! Instead, stand and pan across the space from top to bottom.


6. Don’t speed through the tour… SLOW. IT. DOWN.

Slow and steady wins the race! No need to rush! Save your breath and walk nice and slow.


7. Don’t leave the space messy… Clean the space! Always!

Polish up your space and present it in the best way possible!


8. Don’t record in the dark… Turn on the lights and open the blinds

Let your light shine! Natural light is the best light.


9. Don’t end on the toilet or closet… End with a beautiful outdoor spot

Always end your video on a positive and refreshing note! AKA…not a clip of the toilet or closet! Instead, always end with a clip of the great outdoors.


10. Don’t go unedited… Make it professional and add music and captions!

Polish up your videos using all of Realync’s editing features! Want to learn more about Realync’s editing features? Check out this video.


And as always, remember to catch us in the chat, at our office hours, or email us at support@realync.com with any questions or thoughts. We’d love to hear from you! Until then, keep it real.