Video tours deserve a big hug.

They’ve received some hate over the years.

Some call them unsexy. Some refuse to accept renters need them. Some dismiss they’ll ever have a place in multifamily leasing.

But you don’t. You know video is a key component of any high-performing strategy to engage renters and prospects. And that’s why you’re here.

You know you need to scale your video output, but you’re having a hard time getting your teams to commit.

You’re not alone. Keep reading to hear three unique ways our clients have gotten their leasing teams to use video consistently.

Require Your Renters to Watch Resident Videos

Using virtual tour software is not always a walk in the park. There might be a learning curve, making leasing teams hesitant to embrace it.

At Realync, we’ve noticed the opposite trend. Our virtual tour software is intuitive, and teams are eager to use it immediately. However, they often wonder about the type of videos to create and if they will be seen.

Take Anthony Suarez—a Community Manager at West Village—for example. He aimed to encourage his team to use video to engage with renters and avoid repeatedly answering common renter queries.

Anthony boosted his team’s confidence by assuring them that renters would watch their videos.

How did he guarantee this? Anthony requires new renters to sign a form upon moving in, confirming they have watched all the resident videos in the welcome home letter.

Unique, right?

Encourage Your Team to Shadow You

Learning a new skill is like strengthening a muscle. It takes time, energy, and dedication.

Evan Erichsen knows the importance of strengthening skills to help him get a job done well. His skill? Video touring.

Evan’s been using video to engage and lease renters for years. His hard work even paid off—he received a promotion to Assistant Property Manager.

After moving into a managerial role, Evan faced a new challenge — getting his team member Joanne to use video.

He took it upon himself to have Joanne shadow him as he used Realync to create, edit, and publish videos to get her up to speed and leasing efficiently.

Now, that’s great leadership right there.

Give Your Team a Reward

The word prize makes ears perk up.

It certainly did for one maintenance team when their manager incentivized them to create videos.

After a unit turned, maintenance staff members would be rewarded for capturing a video of the unit by receiving a cut of the rental commission.

Dang! That’s a rewarding incentive.

Get Your Teams Using Video

Debating if video is worth it? Yes, it sure can be. The right workflows, tactics, and virtual tour software will help your teams use video daily.

Teams just need a little nudge—and maybe an incentive. Whether the incentive is guaranteed video views, learning a new skill, or a cash reward, you have the power to motivate your team to use video.