Leasing agents must be adaptive to the ever-evolving multifamily real estate environment. They need to quickly and efficiently create content that is personalized and meets the needs of their prospects. One of the best ways to create unique experiences, virtual or in-person, is to be genuine and transparent.

For virtual tour experiences, it’s important you have a platform that allows for interactive and personalized exchanges to happen. A virtual tour creator helps equip on-site teams to create authentic, personalized virtual tour experiences that work.

Create the Right Type of Virtual Tour

Most multifamily properties have some form of virtual tour available for prospects which is awesome to see! That could be a 3D virtual tour, 360 virtual tour, or an overview/YouTube video embedded on their website homepage. This is often the video they push out to listing sites as well. Or, maybe if the leasing team has been able to make a case for it, they have a 3D tour or 360 virtual tours of each available floor plan on the website.

The problem here is you should consider offering multiple touring options like video tours. Video tours are personalized 1:1 virtual tour experiences of the exact apartments and communities. You see, some leasing teams think having that one style of a virtual tour solution available on the website will bring a prospect all the way through the funnel. However, that’s not always true. That’s why having a virtual tour creator alongside 360-degree tours at leasing teams’ fingertips is such a benefit for prospective renters. It will seal the deal for prospects when they get that personalized experience. And, that can’t be done when it’s a generic video on the website.

Consumers today are much savvier. They are used to being able to find and engage with information and content that is relevant to their wants and needs. Because of that, prospects will be looking for more information about your property. Today’s prospects want to see the unit and amenity-specific virtual tours. Prospects want virtual tour experiences that are catered to them and show them exactly what they are getting at that property.

That’s one reason why a virtual tour creator is so important. On-site teams need to be equipped to create these virtual tour experiences at the site and corporate levels. They need to be able to personalize and cater these experiences to each individual prospect. Leasing agents know firsthand what their prospective resident is looking for.

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Get More Personalized in the Virtual Tour Process

Equipping the on-site team with a virtual tour creator allows teams to create catered virtual tour experiences that have incredible outcomes. They can help:

  • Increase lead-to-lease conversion rates
  • Decrease the overall sales cycle and close deals faster
  • Decrease risk aversion
  • Reach prospects in different areas

Not even the best virtual tour software can know a prospect the way a leasing agent can. That person-to-person interaction, engagement, and trust-building are all critical components to driving the leasing process forward.

In addition, leasing teams are collecting important feedback on the tours. An easily accessible virtual tour creator allows them to quickly and efficiently make necessary improvements. That’s especially true if they know how to make a virtual tour with an iPhone or an Android device. By simply using what’s already in their pockets, leasing teams can make changes, big or small, that really focus these experiences to what their audiences are demanding. With the power of a virtual tour creator, on-site teams are going to be the ones most equipped to adopt and adapt these virtual tour experiences to their needs and those of their audience.

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