Have Halloween movie clips and memes filled up your Instagram feed too?

Hocus Pocus. Halloweentown. Scream.

They’re all there, and you know what that means. People are in the holiday spirit.

Not only are people consuming Starbucks’s pumpkin spice latte, but they’re also consuming Halloween content.

And multifamily isn’t one to sit back and just watch movie clips. Communities want to participate in the action and share their Halloween resident events, decorations, and pets in costumes.

Not sure how to show off your community during Halloween? We got you covered with five Halloween videos for social media.

5 Halloween Video Ideas for Multifamily

1.   Capture videos of a Halloween happy hour. Whether you’re hosting the event at your community or you’re attending a Halloween-themed event, record quick videos of the drinks or food. Use those videos to share in the holiday spirit on social.

2.  Carve out time for Halloween fun. Host a pumpkin carving or painting party for your residents, and show them off around the community! Either provide the materials, make it BYOP (Bring your own pumpkin), or provide a kit for a small fee. Create a video to promote your resident event, and then create another video of the beautiful pumpkin creations on social media.

3.  What’s the best place to hide from ghosts? The living room. Get it? It’s cheesy but will engage renters if you start a pun contest on social media. Create a video of your team sharing different Halloween puns and ask people to comment on their favorite puns on social media.

4.  Host a pet costume party. Everyone likes a pet in a cute costume. You could even combine this with the happy hour idea from above. I promise videos of pets in costumes might be your top-performing social post.

5.  Trick or treating guidelines for your community. Is trick-or-treating happening the night of Halloween, or will it be the weekend before or after? Record a video outlining these details and post it on your Instagram story.

Renter Engagement Efforts

Dive into the spooky season with videos that’ll make your residents howl with delight. You’ll stack up those raving reviews the more you engage renters—you know that. So grab your cauldron, stir up some video magic, and let’s get those smiles and reviews rolling! 🎃