Do you ever visualize yourself on the beach? The sand in your toes. The ocean waves crashing down on the beach. Your book in your hand. It sounds pretty nice? It’s imaginative for the moment. Until you look at pictures of the beach, now it seems like it could be a reality.

Think of this scenario from a prospective renter’s perspective as they tour an apartment virtually. It’s imaginative at first. But when you start to add virtual furniture in the apartment, renters start to visualize themselves and their belongings there, making it a potential reality.

Realync’s new virtual staging package can bridge the gap between imagination and reality for potential renters.

Use Virtual Staging with Realync Now

Research tells us that 81% of buyers feel staging a home made it easier for them to visualize the property as their future home. Physically staging homes can take time, money, and practice, while virtually staging homes is quick, affordable, and automated.

Realync’s virtual staging feature elevates property presentations while reducing the substantial costs associated with physical staging. This capability allows multifamily professionals to offer renters in-depth insights into property spaces through the use of virtual furniture, enhancing their understanding and connection to the property.

Last year, Realync introduced Real360, a virtual tour suite, to add to its virtual offerings. Real360 includes 360 video and 360 click-through tours. Virtual staging will be available exclusively for 360 virtual tours.

“In response to client needs and the multifamily industry’s drive for tech consolidation, we recognized the need to enhance Realync’s suite of virtual services to meet these demands,” stated Matt Weirich, Co-founder and CEO of Realync. “Our introduction of virtual staging is the latest of many updates to Realync that align with our client and industry’s needs and goals for 2024. By leveraging Realync’s virtual staging, multifamily teams can significantly reduce expenses and sell their unique spaces in increasingly impactful and highly converting ways.”

In addition to virtual staging, Realync will continue to provide DIY video, live video, self-guided video tours, and Realync Studios’ services, which employs video experts to capture video, 360 video, and 360 virtual tours for multifamily properties.