Relaying on virtual floor plans alone isn’t going to cut it with today’s digital-first, multifamily prospects. If you want them to truly become a qualified lead for your community, you’ll need something more than a flat tour. You’ll need to combine those types of tours with video.

Personalized video tours plus virtual floor plans is a winning combination. Here’s what we mean.

A Match Made in Multifamily

Any place on a website that shows floor plan samples or virtual floor plans should have an associated video tour component attached along with it. Without them, the floor plans are just flat pieces on the website. They aren’t going to draw the prospect in further. Even the best 3D floor plan software can’t do what video tours can do.

3D virtual tour house plans or apartment plans simply don’t give any character or personality to the property. They don’t add the leasing teams’ voice or narrative. They certainly don’t begin to build trust with that potential lead in a human-to-human way. Typically, these types of virtual tours are also not floor plan or unit specific. Most communities will offer a 3D or other type of virtual tour for a model unit. If a visitor to the site is clicking through the various floor plans of a community, they could be looking at 30 to 70 floor plans, depending on the size of the property.

Here is where personalized video tours can fill the gaps. They are personalized to each floor plan and unit. Plus, they allow leasing teams the opportunity to add the property’s personality to the video. A flat virtual floor plan isn’t going to adequately express that, even using the best floor plan software.

People need more than a virtual floor plan to spark their interest in a property. That’s why multifamily communities also need personalized video alongside their virtual floor plan creator. The combination allows the visitor to have a more transparent, real, immersive look into the space while they are engaging with the website content.

Here are a few real world examples of how this combination can help leads go from just checking out the website to a true, qualified lead.


PERQ provides software solutions powered by artificial intelligence to help consumers in their online multifamily shopping journey. They use a smart call-to-action tool that sits on the property’s website to help guide visitors to information most relevant to them. After collecting information about the visitor to the website, it will propose various plans that will fit that person’s needs and desires. Realync integrates seamlessly with PERQ and provides a customized video right into that virtual floor plan experience for prospects to view and engage with. If it’s a virtual tour open floor plan, there is an accompanying video for the visitor to watch and experience that aspect of the space.

Properties find that these video experiences increase the time prospects are on the website, since people are spending more time engaging with content. But it also increases people’s awareness and visibility into the space. That helps convert visitors to the site into qualified candidates. They have further vetted themselves by having seen more info on the front end.


Engrain is a real estate technology company that provides interactive mapping and data visualization products to help people search for and choose their new home. Realync software is fully integrated into this technology. Engrain provides a map of a multifamily property site. Then, as visitors are clicking through the property, they can see the exact unit that would be available and could fit their needs. Through Realync integration, communities have unit specific videos included in the Engrain site map. They pair with the unit information, the floor plans, even amenities. This helps show the specific aspects of a particular unit that could appeal to a prospect.

For example, at a property in Colorado, the leasing team used Realync to create a video of the view for each unit. Part of the appeal of those units have a lot to do with the mountain views and some even have a skyline view. Combining these personalized unit videos with the interactive community map, allowed visitors to see the specific unit’s view, select filters based on their wants or needs, all without physically seeing it.

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At the end of the day, combining the virtual floor plan experience with the personalized video experience is where you’re going to give prospective residents the best possible information. This helps prospects make the decision at that phase in their journey a lot more easier due to the capabilities and ease of the experience. It is putting more transparent information in front of the consumer to engage with and further vet out the opportunities. And that is ultimately going to get better leads into the funnel and more leases signed.

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