Imagine yourself in the mountains: the crisp air, stunning views, and tranquility. You start looking online for your next vacation spot. Pictures and videos make this dream trip feel real.

Now, think of a prospective renter touring an apartment online. Initially, it’s just an idea. But with videos, virtual furniture, and photos, they start to envision their life there.

A virtual staging app bridges the gap between imagination and reality for prospective renters. Let’s talk about if virtual staging would be a good fit for your property.

What Is the Benefit of Staging Apartments Virtually?

You know the competition is tough. Prospective renters have countless options when choosing their new home, so you need to capture their attention.

Enhance your online tours with virtual staging. Instead of showing empty spaces, help potential renters imagine their future home with their furniture. It’s a small addition to your multifamily marketing plan that makes a big impact.

Concerned about cost and implementation? With Realync, your team won’t lift a finger.

Speaking of which…

How Does Realync Compare to Other Virtual Staging Apps?

We get it—finding the right virtual staging app can be time-consuming. LCP Media and Peek are options, but Realync offers more for less.

With Realync, you’re not just getting digitally staged apartments. You also get a videographer to film 360 videos of your apartments. Need just one room staged? We can do that. We charge per room and are one of the few tech companies that do this. Staging can be as affordable as $39 per room with Realync plus our Studios fee.

How Do I Get Started with a Virtual Staging App?

It’s simple with Realync.

  • Step one: Tell us which properties you need our videographers to record.
  • Step two: We schedule a time for our videographers to visit your properties.
  • Step three: Our Realync Studios contractors capture 360 images of your spaces.
  • Step four: Pick furniture from our prebuilt packages, and our team arranges it in your space through our virtual staging system.
  • Step five: Ta-da! Your prospects get virtually staged videos to explore in a 360 view.

Think of virtual staging as another piece of your leasing strategy puzzle. Video tours, 360 content, photos, and virtual staging all fit together to create a high-quality online experience for prospects. For a complete virtual solution, Realync is the master puzzle piece.