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The words thank you go a long way. Thank-yous aren’t just for the month of November; they should be a daily practice. The ripple effect of a thank you will make waves in your community. When renters see you giving thanks to them and the nearby community, it makes their home feel more like home. To keep it real, don’t most of us feel a level of comfort from a community that gives back in some capacity?

Here are a few ways to express gratitude to your renters and neighborhood this Thanksgiving.

Sponsor a Thanksgiving 5K

I’m sure there are many active runners in your community who plan to participate in a 5K, so why not sponsor a Thanksgiving 5K run and promote it across your community? There’s a chance you can give renters a discount as a sponsor, which is another great way to give back to your neighborhood — renters will see that.

Set up a Community “Friendsgiving”

In the lobby, your team can host a Friendsgiving and provide quick Thanksgiving-inspired snacks or desserts. It’s a great way to greet renters you haven’t seen in a while. Leading up to the event, be sure to send communications about the event. Include a video in the promo emails and social posts to showcase your team’s excitement for the event. You could even tell renters they can bring a friend to increase the likelihood they will attend.

Send a Thank You Video Message

If you’re low on budget as a leasing consultant, your hands might be tied for what you can do this Thanksgiving for your renters. A quick video message is one free option to give thanks to your renters. Over email, send a video detailing how grateful your team is that they’re a renter and share other relevant information about the holiday (e.g., office hours). It’s important to get your face out there and say thank you during this holiday!

Don’t Stop Giving Gratitude After the Holiday

While November is filled with gratitude, don’t forget to continue passing on simple thank-yous in easy ways. Like I mentioned before, think of video communication as a quick way to say thank you. For example, here’s what you could say to prospective renters on video for in-person tour follow-ups:

  • Hi Jack — thank you for taking the time to tour our community today! It means a lot that you’re considering our community. Here’s a quick recap video tour of the unit you seemed to like.
  • Hi Sara — it was a pleasure meeting you! Thank you for sharing a bit about your situation with me. I appreciate your honesty in considering a few nearby communities. However, I went ahead and created a quick video tour of one unit you really liked.
  • Hi Stu — thank you for moving your schedule around to tour our community. Coordinating schedules can be a pain, so here’s a quick video tour of the unit you liked. If we can’t make another in-person tour work, I can send you a more in-depth video tour with a voiceover of the unit details.

Now, before I go, thank YOU for reading this post! I hope these ideas help you find a way to show gratitude to your community. At Realync, we’re incredibly grateful for our clients and community. Because of them, we get to keep it real daily!