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I have to learn yet another tool to do my job? This is most likely a familiar question you’ve asked yourself internally or out loud to a trusted friend or colleague. Or, maybe it’s more like: What’s really in it for me if I use this software?

To keep it real, I work in the technology industry and sigh at the idea of learning a new tool to help my day-to-day because I know it’ll take time upfront. However, I’ll say the hassle of learning a new technology has paid off long-term by saving me and my team time. Let me explain one of our hero tools (a tool that’s saved us from the dreadful saying: It takes too much time!)

A Hero Tool

We recently migrated (transitioned) our marketing automation software from HubSpot to Marketo, both of which are tools that have a lot of bells and whistles. I originally thought it would be more of a hassle to learn how to use Marketo; therefore, we should stick with Hubspot even though I knew HubSpot lacked a few key features stacked against Marketo. Regardless, I knew our marketing team would need automation software long-term to fulfill our duties. Now, similar to my siutation, you, as a leasing agent, will always have tools you need to do your job.

For example, think of your lead management system (e.g., Yardi, Entrata, etc.). Can you recall your time learning about its features and functionality when you were first introduced? It may have been some time since then, but to some level, you might have initially sighed at the thought of learning the technology. Yet, using your lead management tool is now second nature, making it a hero tool.

Identifying a Hero Tool

A few new tools are becoming must-haves instead of nice-to-haves. A video tool is a great example. Virtual or video tours, 3D tours, and 360 tours have grown in popularity over the last several years. You may have heard how you should be doing more with video because video tours have grown in popularity on TikTok and other social channels.

When a new tool starts to gain momentum in multifamily, so do individual curiosity and questions like, How do I do that? Because of the rise in video, our team worked with Kristi Fickert, a 23-year multifamily veteran, on a free, online micro-course to help identify if you’re using video correctly.

In the online quick course, you learn about video content creation: How to capture and create it, leverage it correctly, and stand out from the crowd—even if you’ve been experimenting with video already.

Because I want you to save time in creating videos correctly, Kristi’s letting me give out a sample of the insights you’ll take away from this course — completely free. Watch the 3-minute video below.

We’re all learning how tools can accelerate our personal performance for the better. While frustrations and stressors will still present themselves, some tools are worth the short-term training sessions for the long-term gain. Is a video tool your next hero tool? Well, at the end of the day, you’re the hero in this story. Tools are your sidekicks because ultimately, you’re the one who will use that tool to your benefit.