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In order to make the most of your virtual leasing and engagement plan, your entire team needs to be on board! What better way to jump-start your video strategy than by incorporating some team fun, collaboration, and prizes?

Our clients’ Realync video contests spark energy in their teams and deliver excellent content that can be utilized by your team. We’ve gathered best practices and created a simple five-step process to ensure that your team delivers an incredible contest experience for everyone.

Before announcing your contest as a leasing consultant, be sure to identify the following key items:

Video Categories. We recommend either allowing participants to submit as many videos that they want or focusing on 2 to 3 of the following options:

  • Best Apartment Unit Video
  • Best Amenity Video
  • Best Maintenance Tip/FAQ Video
  • Best Meet the Team Video
  • Best Community Overview VIdeo

Timeline. Determine when you want to officially “launch” the contest and when you want to announce the winners. Be sure to provide enough time for submissions (we recommend 2-3 weeks). If you decide to have voting, be sure to provide enough time for people to submit their votes. Finally, set a day and time to announce the winners — this builds excitement!

Prize! Who doesn’t love a prize? Whether it is bragging rights, a team lunch, gift card, or the prime parking spot at the office, determine what will incentivize your team to actively participate.

Now that you have the contest framework, complete these five steps and create a stellar contest.


1. Contest Announcement – Email, Intranet, Social Post

It is time to get the word out! Send a message out via email, intranet, or social media to all of the Realync users at your properties to let them know what’s happening! Your email should include a high level overview of the rules, submission process, voting criteria, and of course the prize! Make it fun and relevant to your communities! Here is an example email and contest rules:


2. Email Reminder

Site teams are BUSY, so a little reminder never hurts anybody! Show that you’re excited to see all of their fabulous work and highlight that this is supposed to be fun as well as helpful to them in their daily lives, so get creative! Need an example? We got you covered.




3. Final Follow Up & Call Out

Again, don’t forget to give everyone a last minute reminder, and specifically mention those that haven’t participated if the contest is required. Here is an example:







4. Voting is open!

Now that you have all of your video submissions, it’s time for everybody to show off their incredible work! Send an email highlighting the voting rules, criteria and process so that everyone can get involved. Make sure to set a deadline for voting to end!








5. Winners!

Now is the best part, announce your winners! Brag on that team and make sure to send links of the winning videos so that everyone can take a look! Say you will coordinate with that team directly on setting up the prize. Since you have everybody’s attention, now is a good time to mention next month’s goals so teams can get started! Take a look at our example.



Have a successful video contest? We’d love to hear about it!

Reach out to us at or catch us online.