Realync is proud to announce its latest company growth focused on the multfamily industry. Major multifamily players across the U.S. like LivCor, Fairfield, Waterton, Milhaus, Pan American Properties, JC Hart and several others have successfully rolled Realync out to over 60 communities. These multifamily players alone account for over 2,300 communities across the United States providing lots of continued growth with Realync in the coming years.

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Realync bridges the gap between still photos online and physically being at a property in person by providing leasing teams the ability to instantly connect with prospective tenants via an immersive real time experience. These leasing teams at communities across the United States are increasing their conversion rates and decreasing the time it takes to close a deal by utilizing this instantaneous connection with prospects to show them exactly what units are available and exactly what they, the potential tenant, want to see.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to add these incredible companies to our customer portfolio,” said Ani Rangarajan, COO and Co-founder, Realync. “It’s an honor to work alongside these national players to help them make their leasing teams more efficient and keep their communities leased. Our focus is multifamily because of the needs identified and almost instantaneous results that we’re collecting. There are over 20 million multifamily units in the United States alone with hundreds of thousands added each year; so the opportunity couldn’t be greater.”

“At LivCor we are constantly seeking innovative solutions in the ever-evolving multifamily marketplace,” said Samantha Skrobot, Marketing Manager at LivCor. “Partnering with a creative digital provider like Realync enables us to actively participate in shaping the future of residential real estate.”

“Our closing percentage is 75% when using Realync with prospects,” said Matt Mehon, Leasing Manager at Waterton. “Yes, 75%. Having the option to tour virtually and send pre-recorded videos is great and has completely changed the way we interact with our prospects to experience our community.”

Since our public launch in March of 2015, Realync has accumulated users across the United States, in over 47 states, and around the world, in over 30 countries.

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