Apartment marketing strategies have shifted substantially during the last few years, changing needs for apartment marketing tools. Even prior to the onset of COVID-19, the real estate market began leaning heavily on apartment digital marketing.

Now, the most impactful tools multifamily communities use today work in the online realm. No longer will traditional apartment advertising mediums like billboards, flyers or print ads be enough. In order to stand out, today’s multifamily teams need digital tools to track SEO, to create dynamic apartment complex websites, and to implement impactful apartment social media marketing campaigns.

And, just as important, leasing teams need to be able to efficiently qualify prospects and be very intentional about who to target. If not, money, time and other resources are often wasted. Luckily, the right digital tools can help marketing teams streamline the process for the leasing teams..

If leasing and marketing teams aren’t already equipped to connect with the right prospects where they are, then you need to be. Here are some top marketing tools to make that possible.

Invest in a Solid Analytics Tool

All the outreach marketing ideas for apartments mean nothing without a way to analyze success. That’s why an analytics tool, like Google Analytics, is one of the best apartment marketing tools available.

Analytics tools help teams get a look at the behind-the-scenes action of their campaigns and effectiveness of generating website traffic and conversions. Where is your website traffic coming from? Apartment marketing slogans are great, but are they working? Are your marketing ideas for luxury apartments working? In order to work, your language has to resonate.

Google Analytics helps teams figure out what is working and what isn’t. What content gets clicks? What content best engages with audiences while accurately portraying the community vibe? Here’s another tip – the most successful content? It is most likely video.

Invest in Video

For content, no other apartment marketing tools or apartment complex marketing ideas beat video. Targeting the right digital audience and providing engaging video content is one of the best ways to succeed in 2021, through social distancing, and beyond. Using video on a complex home page can draw them in. Then, using more personalized pre-recorded or live video tours shows a prospect exactly what they want to see when they want to see it. To level up, use leasing team members, current residents or other personnel in the videos. Whether it’s a community overview, an amenities-specific video, or a testimonial, putting a person in front of the camera humanizes the experience.

Invest in Tracking Tools

A good tracking tool is a must-have to provide conversion information and data. Investing in the right video platform should provide one of the sharpest apartment marketing tools in a leasing team’s toolbox. Not only should touring software allow for quick and easy creation and sharing of video content, it should allow teams to understand the impact of those efforts. Realync knows the best way to measure success is through measuring and tracking content and engagement. This insight truly can be the difference between a prospective resident signing on the dotted line or becoming a missed opportunity. And that’s all without an apartment marketing agency.

Realync enables full tracking and analytics behind every single video created and shared, as well as every live video tour hosted on the platform.

If multifamily leasing teams are looking for what is going to provide the most success, they need to invest in digital apartment marketing tools that will work. Analytics tools, video creating platforms, and tracking tools are among the most important now and in the future.

If you’re ready to invest in your property’s digital and video future, request a demo today!