The beautiful, warm summer months are upon us! That means a whole new crop of prospective residents graduating from college and looking for housing, and the residents that are on that 12 month leasing schedule that are also renewing their leases or looking for new places at the exact same time. And to get those valuable prospects interested in your community, you need to come up with some great new apartment marketing ideas for summer. 

Luckily, from social media to in-person marketing events, the summer allows for some great marketing ideas to come to fruition. So, let’s get started before the cold rolls in! Here are some of our favorite apartment marketing ideas for summer to make your property hot: 

Go Big with Social Media 

Throughout the summer months, social media is a great place for outreach marketing ideas for apartments. Most savvy multifamily marketers already have a strong social media presence. That’s likely because they know today’s prospective residents are going online to search for a new home in droves. In fact, 50% of prospective residents found their homes online in 2018. And with even more of those prospects looking in the summer months, beef up your social media channels with fun marketing ideas for your community. Use your social channels to promote any apartment promotions or incentives and post new dynamic content, like video, often. Make sure you’re using hashtags like #apartmenthunting or #chicagoapartments so that you can grab their attention within the noise of social and capture those searches. Don’t forget to sponsor posts and run social ads too to reach the audience that isn’t yet following you on social. Social media can be a great, and inexpensive, place to run your successful and interesting apartment marketing ideas for summer.

Take Advantage of the Holidays 

Make sure to add summer holidays to your apartment marketing calendar. These special days can allow for all manner of apartment community marketing ideas. What holidays? You can include Flag Day (yes, Flag Day!) and Father’s Day – as well as the obviously ones like July 4th and Labor Day. Not only can special promotions and concessions around these holidays work well for garnering the interest of prospective residents, but these holidays also make for great marketing to existing residents as well. Your residents will likely be hosting parties, inviting friends to the pool, hosting bbqs, and more! Incentivize your residents to be your marketing team with great referral bonuses and incentives. Or take it a step further and be willing to ‘sponsor’ parties that your residents host to provide food or dessert or other items in return for introductions and referrals. 

Promote at Community Events 

Summer is rife with things like festivals, fairs, and other outdoor / community events. People are looking to take advantage of the warmer months and be outside — so take your marketing efforts to where the people will be! Find these events and consider sponsoring and participating in some manner. Setting up a booth with materials or partnering with local businesses are great ways to get the community name out there. Or partner with a local charity for a fundraiser. Is the community pet-friendly? Host an adoption-drive with a local shelter. Not only are partnering and participating in local events great apartment marketing ideas for the summers, they can be jumping off points for other marketing activities throughout the year. 

Outside Appeal 

Speaking of hosting events in an outdoor space, make sure you are sprucing up those areas of the community. It’ll be a little difficult to promote any apartment marketing ideas for summer if there is no place for outdoor events. Once that all of those outdoor spaces are looking their best, it’s time to focus on them in your digital marketing efforts! Post some great photos or videos of how refreshing the pool looks on a particularly hot day. If some of the summer flowers in the courtyard are in full bloom, use that! In fact, this could be a great time to grab some snacks and drinks from a local restaurant and host an outdoor picnic for residents and showcase that online. And don’t forget to document it via video for social media and other digital marketing! 

Video Tours 

Speaking of video… summer is a busy time for most people. School is out, vacations are happening, and in general, the warmer months have people running around all over the place. But, they are also looking at new places to live. Providing a way for these busy people to still see your space without having to physically be there is one of the best apartment marketing ideas for summer. Creating recorded video tours of all floor plans or offering live video tours are great ways for those prospective residents to still see and experience your space on their schedule. Multifamily video tours allow for people to be on a camping trip out West, but still find their dream apartment out East. That is a win-win for everyone. 

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Summer is the ideal time to get new residents in before the winter slow down begins and is always a time when so much is happening both inside and outside of your community. Don’t miss out on all that summer has to offer and make sure that you are capturing / promoting all of the moments. 

If you have questions about how video can be a key part of your summer apartment marketing plans, message us at! We’re here to help. 

Until next time…keep it real!