We read the reviews on everything from kitchen appliances to cars to shirts – why should virtual tour software reviews be any different?

Today, before you invest in anything, you have the ability to see how the product lived up to its expectations. What worked…and what did not work. While, ultimately, the decision is yours, it’s good practice to look at what others in the industry think about a product. The best virtual tour software for real estate may or may not be what’s best for your property. And reviews are a great tool to help make an informed decision..

Before investing in a virtual leasing platform, it’s important to do your homework. Best place to start? Reading virtual tour software reviews.

Ensure Industry Approval

While it feels like a bargain for a product to market how to create a virtual tour for free, ultimately you may get just what you paid for – nothing. Before you pursue virtual tour real estate software or roll out a virtual leasing strategy to your portfolio, make sure you’ve done your due diligence. And part of that due diligence is taking a look at what others in the industry think and say about the product you select. Whether it’s virtual tour software for free, virtual tour hosting, or a full platform will all the filming, tracking and sharing options, make certain it is backed by the industry. A virtual leasing solution should be made for multi-family properties and proven to work for the multi-family industry. Make sure it is a tried and true product.

Build Trust in the Product

We talk a lot about building trust between leasing agents and their prospective residents. Well, the same goes for the product! It is crucial for you and your team to trust the virtual tour creator you chose. One of the best ways to start building trust is to read about the experiences of others. The best place to start? Virtual tour software reviews. Your industry colleagues are honest about what they liked and didn’t like. Whether it is 3d virtual tour software or a 360 virtual tour creator or a full virtual leasing platform, you want to know the pros and cons of each from actual users. By knowing what to expect from your virtual tour software, you will be better set up to succeed with and trust the product.

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A Lot is on the Line

When it comes to virtual leasing, these virtual tour videos are often the first, and one of the most important, interactions between a property leasing team and prospective residents. With revenue on the line, every interaction counts — especially the first. You want the best virtual tour software for your community to have the best first impression. Do your homework. Before you invest in any virtual tour equipment and software, read the reviews. Find out what other communities are doing and how they are using it – what they are doing and what they are NOT doing. If they invested all the resources necessary for a 3d virtual tour camera or other virtual tour software and aren’t using it, find out why.And the reasons will likely come out in their virtual tour software reviews.

It’s no wonder that we at Realync would recommend you read and take virtual tour software reviews into consideration. Those reviews show trust, transparency, and realness about virtual leasing and virtual tour software products. And that’s exactly what we, and your prospective residents, want. Authenticity and realness from the time you select the best product to the virtual leasing process to renewing leases.