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With social distancing mandates, self-guided tours are at an all time high. In fact, according to Multifamily Insiders, 90% of properties are either already using or looking into using self-guided Tours (SGT’s). To put that in perspective; out of the approximately 21.4 million empty units in the U.S.,19.26 million units will offer self-guided tours!

While self-guided tours increase efficiency and lower risk, it limits the personal touch of human-to-human interaction and direction. And in a world that necessitates personalization, clear direction and human-to-human conversation are increasingly important. So, how can your property maximize connection and personalization with self-guided tours?

We’ve gathered self-guided tours best practices and tips to make your prospects feel right at home — quite literally. Take a look at how you can answer questions throughout the tour and ensure that your attendees have the best experience possible and sign that lease.


First, how can you keep prospects from wanting to view 15 apartments on their self-guided tour? Easy! Pre-qualify them.

If your property has more than two units of each bedroom size, consider pre-qualifying leads with a Live Session. Think of a Zoom style experience showcasing video tours of a few units to narrow down the attendee’s search to one or two specific units. These live sessions also enable you to answer any questions prior to the self-guided tour and help build that personal connection.

Curious? Cityway in Indianapolis now requires prospective residents to narrow down their top two floor plans via a virtual tour or session before coming onsite to tour them in-person. It works.

Let QR Codes be the Guide

What’s the best way to personalize and humanize your self-guided tour? Video, of course! Recording videos in Realync enables you to put a face to the community and provide other key information. Realync’s QR code functionality tracks video views and creates a seamless experience for the prospective resident.

Once you create the content, post the corresponding QR codes along your tour path to guide your attendees throughout the entire tour. The best experience will include a QR code at the entry point, along the path, within the unique locations of the property, and at the end of the tour to guide your prospect on their way out!

Whether a prospect will be seeing a model, vacant unit and/or amenities, they should leave the self-guided tour with the same level (if not more) of information and understanding compared to an in-person tour.

Need video QR code suggestions? Here are the musts:

  • Introduction: Adding an intro clip introducing yourself and the community can take less than a minute, but makes a lasting impression on your attendees.
  • Unique Features: Record videos to dive into the features that set your community apart and need more explanation. These include:
    • Utilities: Be upfront about average utility costs and utility providers.
    • The Neighborhood: What school district are you in? What are the local hot spots?
    • Appliances: Just upgrade the appliances? Be sure to call this out and explain the differences.
    • Amenities: At some point during the tour, be sure to give an overview of the amenities and spaces that differentiate your community.
    • Maintenance: Introduce the maintenance team and how they continue to care for their residents. Does your maintenance team change the lightbulbs, thus saving residents’ time and money? Give specific examples of how your team goes above and beyond for your residents.
  • Next Steps: An ending video is crucial, yet is the most often missed opportunity. Include a personalized “ending” video by posting a QR code on the back of the apartment door as they exit the tour. Take the time to thank them for touring, let them know what happens next, and provide your direct contact information for any questions.

At Realync, we practice what we preach. Take a look at how we leveraged QR codes and Realync videos to personalize a self-guided tour.


Follow-up. Follow-up. Follow-up.

Did you know that 55% of companies fail to follow-up with prospects within five days? Big yikes.

If a resident is locked out of their apartment, you don’t wait 5 days to help them get in! You drop whatever you’re doing to go help immediately. So, why not do the same for your prospective resident who is considering calling your community home home for the next 12-18 months?

Follow-up. Follow-up. Follow-up.

Address what the follow-up will look like in your “next steps” video, and be sure to follow through.

When you follow-up, also include videos of what they saw during their tour.  Realync’s pre-recorded video tools allow you to create these videos, share and track analytics. Recap videos easily allow prospects to share with friends/family as needed and keep your property top of mind.

Hybrid Touring: The New Normal

As events, restaurants, weddings, and every industry adapt to accommodate with varying comfortability levels in this “new normal”, so must our tour practices and offerings. There is no longer a “one-size fits all” touring option. Properties need to offer touring options that fit all varying comfort levels. Whether self-guided tours enhanced with video, virtual tours, or a hybrid version, we have to cater to future residents.

Get Started Today.

Already have Realync? Begin by creating the video content to personalize your tours. From there, take a look at our QR flyer templates. Add your unique Realync QR codes to the template, print the flyer, and post the QR codes along the tour path. It really is that easy. 

As a general rule of thumb, place the QR codes as “touch points” you would normally leverage during a standard tour path. If you always provide information on how utilities work when you reach the kitchen, place the amenities QR code in the kitchen!

“Want to know about utility averages and how they work at “Insert Property Name”? Scan the code below to hear from “Chelsea” in our leasing office.” 

Every unique feature of your property should be a showcase point along the path as well as adding in personalized information in the video of specific “wants” the attendee identified in your previous communications.

Personalize your self-guided tour, and watch your lease rates increase.

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