Spring is here! We’ve created a 10-clue scavenger hunt that can be completed in the comfort of your home. Why not pair technology with a creative way to accomplish a kid-friendly scavenger hunt!

For the optimal experience, print the download and cut the bigger QR codes to be placed in each egg. If you don’t have access to a printer, no worries! You will just need two smartphones or devices so one can scan the other. The answers of each riddle on where to place the next clue can be found at the bottom of the page. Remember to have the next clue in the previous spot. For example, Clue #3 is in the location of Clue #2.

Hide the eggs in riddle order and inside the egg will be the next video clue. You will then remove the QR code from the egg and lay it flat. Take out your smart phone or smart device, open the “Camera” app, and hover over QR Code. A notification will appear on the screen and you will click on that for your next Video Clue. 

Ideally, the grand prize could be a basket full of candy, snacks, or toys! Good luck and have some fun! Click this link to get started!

QR Codes 101

I wanted to give you some tips and tricks when scanning your camera app over the code to make your life easier!

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the way they are printed on the paper is the way you scan them. It will not read if it is upside-down. Think of a “reverse 7.” That shape will be the bigger three squares and need to be scanned that way. See the example below on the proper way from your camera to read the code:
  • Hover for at least 2-3 seconds. A notification banner will on the screen. Click that and press play for clue!
  • Try not to fold the paper. Creases can make it tricky for the camera to read.
  • Make sure your brightness is turned up on your smart device.
  • If your camera isn’t automatically reading the code:
    • Cleaning your lens.
    • Moving the code to a different spot on a flat surface; as light glares could factor in.
    • Tap the screen to focus on the image (code).
    • Reset. Pull your phone away and try again.
    • Avoid pinching your fingers to zoom in.

How to Setup Your Scavenger Hunt Step-By-Step

  1. Print or Download the Clues.
  2. Cut QR Codes & place one clue in each egg.
  3. If you do not have access to a printer, use two devices. One to scan and the other to have the downloaded QR codes. Still place eggs in order of answers (provided at the bottom of the download.)
  4. Easter bunny hides eggs in order with the next clue code inside. Get creative with tapping the egg under a chair or hiding them within the answer location!
  5. Take smartphone or smart device and open the Camera app.
  6. Hover the device over QR Code. Make sure it is sturdy and clear!
  7. A notification will appear on your screen. Click that!
  8. Video Clue will lead you to egg and next QR Code.
  9. Hopefully, the grand prize is at last clue from the Easter bunny!
  10. Tag @realyncapp or use hashtag #VirtualEasterEggHunt to show us your fun!

Get Started!

Check out the first QR code below. This is your overview with directions and the first clue. Happy hunting and Happy Easter!

Access the download here!