Real estate photography pricing runs the gamut. Whether it’s the super high end photography or just the basics, there’s a lot to consider when you’re evaluating the cost. 

Normally, you come here to learn all about all things real estate video related. From real estate videography pricing to how to use it to market your property, we have you covered. But, real estate photography is also a crucial must-have when marketing your property. It is a key factor in providing a first impression to a prospective resident. Before they click the play button, they’ll most likely be skimming through the photos on your homepage.

While good photography can be an investment, don’t immediately start Googling how to become a real estate photographer and do it yourself to save money. This type of skill is best to leave to a professional with the skills and equipment necessary to showcase your property in the best possible way. So, let’s take a look at real estate photography to better understand what all goes into it, and what you should pay. 

What should you look for? 

When you are looking for a real estate photographer, you should look for a few key things. Does their style and aesthetic match your property? Will it appeal to your target audience? Does it look like they have extensive and obvious photoshop on their pictures? While it may seem that their editing skills would be a major plus, if you can tell that their photographs have been photoshopped and look too fake, then that should be a red flag. You’ll likely be able to find examples of their work on their real estate photography website. That’s also where you’ll be able to find their real estate photography pricing list. Another thing to look for is whether the photographer offers the level of curb appeal photography that can stop prospects in their tracks and pull them in to learn more. 

What equipment is needed? 

Real estate photography pricing can be impacted considerably by what sort of equipment they will need. Will you need a drone for those large scale, sweeping views? Or will you need a specific lighting set-up due to the time of day, or time of year, the photographer will be there? Drones will obviously be an added cost, but you can likely offset additional costs in a few ways. Time photos during the “golden hour,” or time of day when natural lighting is at its peak. You can also make sure the time of year is great to best showcase the outdoor areas. But, it’s also important to embrace the natural authenticity of the space. While you want your community to look its best, there is also the need to be transparent and honest with your prospects and simply show it as it stands (best done via video). 

What is the quantity of photos you’ll need? 

It’s simple math — the more real estate photos you need, the higher the price of the real estate photography will be. Make sure to ask yourself questions like, how many units are you wanting photographed? How many photos per unit? What amenities need shot and how many pictures are needed to convey all that the community offers? Many professional photographers will offer real estate photography packages. Taking a look at those can help you prioritize based on your budget and general needs. Make sure not to skimp and leave people with more questions than answers due to your photos, but obviously do what your budget allows for. 

How much post-edit is necessary?

While the real estate photography rules should follow similar rules to the real estate videography rules, a little touch up may be necessary following the photoshoot. This doesn’t mean heavy photoshop or making any of the property look fake. In this case, post processing can simply mean removing a weird glare or making the sky look a little brighter. These services should be included in your real estate photography package, but make sure to get clarity on what all is included before getting started. 

What’s the turnaround time? 

How quickly will these photos need to be taken and finished? That will absolutely play into the real estate photography pricing. Planning ahead and giving some additional lead time for the photographer to work will likely mean a lower cost. Asking for a rush job, as with most things, will result in extra fees. This can be particularly tricky for new construction properties as you’ll want and need photos on your apartment website as quickly as possible and timing can be tricky or last minute due to construction delays. Make sure your photographer has shot and understands the special demands that a new construction property brings. 

Where the property is located?

Different parts of the country are more expensive. And, as such, real estate photographers will charge different amounts. For example, real estate photography Indianapolis is going to be much less expensive than real estate photography in Los Angeles or New York. Try looking up “real estate photography pricing near me” to get an idea about the going rates in your city. If you’re able to find one person that understands your area and stick with them, they can bring a lot of area expertise with them to your shoot.  

All of these things need to be considered when looking at real estate photography pricing. Factoring in all of these aspects will help you find a price and a photographer that works for you. 

If you have any questions, we’re here to help!

Until next time…keep it real!