Before we even begin, let’s cut to the chase. There is no singular best virtual tour software for every multifamily community out there. It is going to vary based on a few different factors.

Each portfolio or property must choose their virtual tour creator for real estate based on their own needs and based on what they desire their virtual leasing experience to be. What is best for one property, may not be best for another. And that can exist even within a portfolio of properties. The best virtual tour software will be the one that meets your audience’s needs and best showcases your community in a raw and real way that converts traffic to leads and leads to leases.

With that in mind, we can’t tell you exactly what the best virtual tour software is; however, we can help guide you through some key considerations.

Consider the Types of Tours and What They Can Do for Your Prospects

When you’re looking for the best virtual tour software for your property, you need to consider all the different types of tour technology and what they each provide. There are virtual tour creators out there for every phase of the resident lifecycle, such as:

  1. 360 virtual tour software tools for marketing
  2. 3D tour creators for top-of-the-funnel marketing
  3. DIY pre-recorded video creators for marketing and leasing
  4. Live virtual open house solutions for marketing and leasing
  5. Live video tour platforms for leasing
  6. Self-guided tour offerings for leasing

Learn more about 360 virtual tour software

360 videos are professional videos shot and edited by skilled crews that are slick and highly produced (like Realync Studios). These types of tour experiences are great to have on an apartment website for helping prospects get a general feel of the property. Then, the next tick down the funnel, is the leasing portion of the virtual leasing process.

There is virtual tour creator software and there are virtual tour creator apps that can allow leasing teams to engage prospects at a personal level virtually. The right virtual tour software and virtual leasing solution makes it easy to show prospective residents what they want to see, how they see it and when they want to see it. Virtual tour software enables users to create and host:

  • A library of personalized pre-recorded videos.
  • Live video tours.
  • Virtual open houses.

If you’re new to the virtual tour software world, finding the optionality that your team and your audience is looking for is important. Some platforms will focus on enabling your team to record and edit pre-recorded videos. Some virtual tour creators will even provide tutorials to help get you familiar with its features and find success using video to lease. Other virtual leasing software will empower your team to host live video tours to connect directly with prospective renters in real-time to showcase and tour your community.

The Goal of Virtual Tour Software

Now more than ever we have seen a shift to virtual leasing. The goal of today’s leasing agent is to provide the opportunity for a prospective resident to see and experience the property no matter their circumstances or desires. That means equipping your team to connect with a prospect in any number of ways. This includes knowing how to create a virtual tour that caters to that prospect’s desires and needs to provide an in person experience.

Whatever it means to that prospect, the leasing agent makes it work by providing an exceptional experience. To do that, leasing teams must be equipped and have the right tools. For example, provide a curated playlist of pre-recorded videos when prospects are interested but early in the funnel and haven’t narrowed their options yet. The prospect can see a variety of videos of walking into the property and comparing units prior to visiting in person to be much more focused when touring. Or if they can’t visit in person (or don’t want to), follow up with another video showing them the exact unit they could be living in. Furthermore, you can provide a video showing off the amenities – all with a personalized talk-track.

However, each prospective renter is different. While some prospects may want personalized pre-recorded videos, another prospect may want the leasing agent to host a live video tour. This allows the prospect to address their needs with the leasing agent and ask their questions right then and there in real time. Another prospect may want to watch a 3D tour then he or she may come for a self-guided in person tour. Or, someone may want a combination of tour experiences. Whatever the scenario is, the goal is to give the prospect the experience they want, whatever that means to them.

The Best Virtual Tour Software

The best virtual tour software and virtual leasing experience is one that allows for a combination of all types of virtual tours. It is the one that allows you to create virtual tour experiences for your prospective renters that show them what they want to see and how they want to see it. It is an integrated solution, built specifically for multifamily needs. In the end, virtual tour software should be a part of the entire virtual leasing process and resident lifecycle in a seamless, easy, and transparent way.

YOUR best virtual tour software is going to be able to meet the varied needs of today’s prospective residents. It should manage the high quality production for top of the funnel and then be real, transparent and personalized during the virtual leasing phase. There should be an opportunity to give a client the experience they are looking for, no matter what that is. It’s being flexible and agile from lead to lease. But going further than that, virtual tour software should keep the renter engaged even after they’ve moved in. That’s what today’s multifamily communities need and that’s what the best virtual tour software can provide.

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