Budgeting is one of those invisible tasks.

Many don’t see the work, energy, and hours that go into creating your budget.

But finance taught you how to say no, budget accordingly, and ask the right questions.

Just as budgeting demands careful consideration, choosing the right tool for virtual tours in your budget involves work.

One question you might have:

“Why wouldn’t I rely on my iPhone or Zoom to shoot videos and conduct virtual tours?”

It’s a fair question. The simple answer? You can. But stick around to learn why over 1,200 communities have partnered with Realync instead of Zoom and FaceTime for creating videos.

How To Make A Real Estate Video Tour

Video is like the Rocky Balboa of multifamily leasing—oftentimes underestimated but packing a serious punch. Leasing teams caught on and started using video to lease units quickly and engage renters better.

Realync emerged as a choice within enterprise video technology for multifamily. It wasn’t a planned contender against Zoom or iPhone, but comparisons did arise.

As a result, Realync shifted its focus to accommodate the unique needs of leasing agents. Unlike Zoom, Realync offers multifamily-specific features tailored for leasing teams’ success.

Imagine a leasing agent needing to create a virtual tour while ensuring privacy compliance. Realync’s tailored privacy protection feature ensures seamless recording and sharing, maintaining the confidentiality leasing teams require.

Leasing teams benefit from a tool with:

  • Video Templates
  • Privacy protection
  • WCAG and Fair Housing Compliance
  • Automation
  • Neighborhood maps
  • Integrations
  • Analytics

Realync provides all of these benefits. Today, let’s talk specifically about how your teams could benefit from video templates to create a virtual tour in minutes.

How to Create a Virtual Tour with Realync’s Video Templates

Leasing teams can be trained videographers in minutes with video templates, easily accessible through Realync’s app. Templates guide teams through creating virtual property tours.

Within the app, they can select templates tailored to various video types, such as social media, showcasing units, highlighting amenities, exploring the neighborhood, and more.

Teams produce video content in sequential clips. For instance, when recording a unit tour, they begin with an entry clip, followed by a kitchen video, then a clip for the living area, which continues from there.

Once teams create their video clips and hit publish, Realync’s app works its magic by stitching everything together. Then comes another unique part: there’s a built-in review process. Teams can send videos to approvers to ensure the branding is spot on.

Once the videos get the green light, they’re good to go. Share them on social media, ILS, and use them in emails with potential residents.

The other beautiful thing behind Realync—beating Zoom—is a built-in stabilizer to ensure prospects won’t feel like they’re on a rollercoaster.

Get Started with Realync Today

Teams can whip out video content in minutes using a tool like Realync.

“Developing video assets ranks among the top 3 tasks for which marketers wish they had more time to dedicate focus,” according to NMHC’s 2023 Customer Experience Technology Report.

Now you can do so with Realync’s video templates. Scale your video content now with a built-for-you solution like Realync and say goodbye to Zoom and FaceTime.