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The Apartments.com Network represents a comprehensive online rental marketplace with 12 sites visited by 26 million people each month. They have helped put over 40 million renters into new apartments.

The Apartments.com integration for Realync makes it easy to add unit- or property-level videos from Realync to your Apartments.com listings with Listing of the Future™.

What Does This Mean?

Apartments.com listings provide an opportunity to let prospective renters virtually tour your property as they narrow down their search. This integration allows your listings to authentically represent your property on Apartments.com while using your library of pre-recorded Realync videos.

How Realync + Apartments.com Benefits You

Realync’s integration with Apartments.com helps you maximize your investment in both platforms.

Unit-Level Videos — Provide a convenient, transparent way for prospects to see actual units before they ever set foot on your property. With Apartments.com, prospects can see floor plan information, available units, pricing, and more. By connecting your Apartments.com listing to your Realync video library, you can automatically add videos of those exact units so that prospects get a transparent look into their future home with no additional effort from your teams.

Property/Amenity Videos — A photo doesn’t tell the full story of the amenities your community offers. Let prospects tour all that your property has to offer, right from your listing. Add videos to your property’s media gallery so prospects can see your clubhouse, fitness center, rooftop views, or even a tour of local businesses that will make it easy for prospects to imagine living in your community.

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