For every multifamily team that says, “We don’t need video content on our websites,” there’s a doppelgänger team that refuses to believe that.

In fact, we’re familiar with several multifamily teams that made capturing unit-level and authentic video content for their websites a priority.

It’s possible you’re interested in joining the crew. Suppose you want to update your multifamily marketing plan to improve how potential renters explore your properties and make informed buying choices. In that case, unit-level video content will streamline the process for your prospects to gather detailed information.

Before we dive into some property examples, let’s clarify what we mean by unit-level video content and authentic videos.

  • Unit-level videos: These videos showcase your actual apartments, providing specific content about each unit, rather than focusing on floor plans or layouts.
  • Authentic videos: These recordings are made by leasing teams in real-time, offering genuine glimpses into the properties, rather than polished, expensive marketing videos.

Property Example: Muse Carmel

Buckingham Companies’s Muse Carmel is a vibrant community in the Carmel neighborhood, close to Central Park, high-end restaurants, and local boutique stores.

The property’s website allows visitors to search for specific units via video, providing an immersive e-commerce experience for leasing.

Property Example: The Vue

JVM Realty’s property, The Vue, stands out with its resort-inspired amenities and airy floor plans in Overland Park.

The Vue’s team uses a self-guided video tour experience to showcase their team, spaces, and application process. Each video spotlights community features in different touring paths. These tours offer website visitors a convenient way to explore the community at their own pace, day or night.

We give them an A+ for capturing attention right from the get-go.

Property Example: Elms Fells Point

Legend Management Group’s Elm Fells Point property is a true catch. With 42 floor plans and 250+ units, there’s a space for everyone. Luckily, website visitors can find exactly the space that best suits them.

The property utilizes Engrain’s SiteMap and unit-level videos to give visitors an accurate depiction of available apartments and their locations within the community.

What Are the Benefits of Authentic Video Content?

  • Enhances User Experience: Authentic video content enhances the user experience by providing genuine insights into the properties, helping potential renters make more informed decisions. You’re taking out the guesswork for your prospects.
  • Helps On-site Teams Get a Job Done: Each property example highlights a unique approach to using video content to generate leads and close deals, showcasing how tools and platforms can help on-site teams achieve success more quickly.

Ready to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy?

Unlock the potential of authentic video content and join successful property managers who have embraced the power of video marketing to attract and engage renters like never before.