When it comes to standing out in the crowded multifamily marketplace, a well-crafted apartment marketing slogan can be a great jumping-off point. It can be the hook that draws prospective residents in and grabs their attention for the rest of the marketing message.

However, it’s a challenge to come up with creative tag lines for apartment communities. The goal is for community slogans to be compelling, but it is also pretty easy to go off the deep end by trying to be too funny or too topical. When crafted correctly, however, an apartment marketing slogan can be a great highlight for an effective, overarching marketing campaign.

A great apartment marketing slogan should grab the attention of your prospective residents, while also informing them about the community—all within a few catchy words. Multifamily communities have been coming up with great slogans throughout the years. Below is a small sampling of some of the best property management slogans that fit the bill – along with three that give a pretty solid chuckle.

Catchy Apartment Marketing Slogans

Sometimes, simple and catchy is the best way to go. It allows for an evergreen slogan an apartment community can use year-round and will fit nicely into a larger marketing initiative. The best catchy apartment advertising phrases should work to share the property’s appeal and make it memorable to the audience. Here are three great examples.

1. Where You Belong.

Short. Simple. And appeals to something innate in nearly everyone – a sense of belonging. One of the main ways to draw in, and retain, residents, is making them feel like they are part of a community. This slogan puts them at ease with that emotional draw with the added benefit of assurance during what can be a stressful time.

2. Live Who You Are.

When it comes to moving to a new apartment community, most people want it to reflect who they are, not be a cookie cutter copy of every other property on the block. This speaks to the unique style and personality of the prospective resident and can be particularly effective for those properties with a unique sense of style themselves.

3. When Minutes Matter, Live Where You Work and Play.

Location. Location. Location. For many looking for a new place to live, location is one of the biggest factors. This type of catchy apartment advertising phrase directly ties into that need, as well as assurance to the prospect that their time is valued.

Holiday and Seasonal Slogans

Sometimes, it’s fun to switch up an apartment marketing slogan to reflect holidays or a change in season. The good news is there are plenty of great slogans for every time of year. Here are just a couple:

4. Don’t Wait for Freezing Temperatures to Move Into Your New Home.

This is great example of an apartment slogan for Fall anywhere that gets cold in the Winter. Many people are out looking for a new place to live in the Fall and this type of slogan lets them know that the community is ready for them, while also reminding prospects that moving in the Winter can be less than ideal.

5. Summertime and the living (here) is easy!

For many, Summer is a time for slowing down and basking in the warmth and the sun – so any catchy Summer apartment slogans should reflect that! This slogan brings to mind the ease and fun of Summertime – made even more effective if the property has a great outdoor amenity area!

Pet Friendly

People view their pets as family, so appealing to those prospective residents with pet friendly apartment slogans is sure to get them and their furry friends in the door. Bonus points if the apartment ad has an irresistible image of a puppy or kitten!

6. “Woof. Woof. Meow Meow.” Don’t Worry, They Understand.

This apartment marketing slogan appeals to both the prospective resident’s sense of humor and their love for their pet. Simple, fun, and communicates a specific message to a specific target audience. 

7. Here For You, and Them.

One of the key components of a pet friendly apartment slogan is to relate to the love people have for their pets. This type of slogan does just that. It shows that your community understands how important pets are to their owners and communicates that both resident and pet are important to the community as well.

Funny Apartment Slogans

Sometimes it just pays to go with humor. The vast majority of people appreciate a good, witty slogan regardless of the product. Depending on the type of branding and personality the community is working to convey, humor can work great for an apartment marketing slogan. Here are a few favorites:

1. ET tried to call Home. Then he called Us.

2. Home is our favorite four-letter word.

3. Don’t get a divorce. Get a bigger apartment.


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