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Maintenance instructions seem to go in one ear and out the other for some renters.

We’ve got good news: Video will fix that. Visuals are more effective than written documents, emails, or relying on memory from a welcome tour when it comes to helping renters retain information. Information like how to trip a circuit breaker.

Let’s take a look at one video your maintenance should create to reduce tickets and empower renters to solve easy fixes on their own.

How to Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

One of the most common maintenance issues we hear about is resetting a tripped circuit breaker. It’s an easy fix that many renters could do on their own if they knew how.

In our focus group study with SatisFacts, renters themselves even emphasized their preference for addressing minor apartment fixes independently rather than submitting maintenance requests.

With this in mind, many maintenance teams have gotten smarter about empowering renters to resolve issues on their own with video tutorials. As a result, it reduces maintenance requests, improves renter satisfaction, and saves time and resources for the maintenance team.

Luxor Lifestyle apartments instructed their maintenance staff to create apartment maintenance videos showing renters how they can resolve problems in their apartments themselves such as resetting a tripped breaker.

In this video example below, this maintenance team member recorded a quick 46-second video instructing renters how to trip a breaker in case the power goes out.

Personalize Your Videos to Engage Renters

What we admire about this video example is how this maintenance staff member connects with renters through a subtle yet impactful comment. He effectively captures renters’ attention by mentioning the importance of knowing how to restore power quickly, especially when guests are over.

This not only highlights the relevance of learning to trip a circuit breaker but also underscores why renters must pay attention.

This maintenance staff member captures attention through video, clarifies why renters should engage with the content, and provides a clear, step-by-step demonstration of tripping a circuit breaker—all in 46 seconds.

Your use of video doesn’t stop at leasing and marketing. It extends into operations as well. Realync’s multifamily video tool can enhance communication for move-in instructions, team introductions, and community updates, ensuring clarity and engagement.