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The holidays will look very different for many of us this year. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t have just as much joy. With a little innovation, some traditional apartment marketing ideas can become just the thing to lift everyone’s spirits this holiday season.

From decorating, caroling, gift-giving and more, there are still ways to celebrate at your community while being safe. In fact, many of these ideas can be great apartment advertising ideas for your larger ad campaigns. Here are a few apartment marketing ideas using video to help spread a little magic across your community this season.

  1. Before and After Property Decorating
    One of the biggest ways to make the season magical is, of course, the decorating. The lights and colors bring such joy to the season, so make sure you’re sharing the design work! Capture video before and after of the clubhouse, leasing center, lobby, and any spaces you might be decorating throughout your property. Then share those videos with your residents and on social media to showcase your community’s culture. Talk about great social media marketing for apartments. It showcases the space and spreads cheer!
  2. Decorating Contests
    Apartment marketing ideas during COVID-19 and overall resident engagement can be a challenge, but luckily, some ideas are socially distant by nature. An easy winner? Host a resident holiday decorating contest. Whether it is the residents’ entire unit or just their doorway or even just their balcony / patio, have them post their own before and after video to show off their holiday decorating work. Have prizes for the most creative or funniest decorated door. Many people may not feel like decorating if they aren’t seeing friends and family, so this will give them a reason to break out the garland and have some safe holiday fun.
  3. Holiday Baking
    Who doesn’t love some holiday treats? Talk about delicious and fun marketing ideas for apartments. Most of us have a favorite recipe from the holidays. Encourage residents to record some of their baking adventures and share the recipes with the community. Or work with a local restaurant and have a chef do a live virtual baking or cooking tutorial to learn something new and festive for the holidays. You could share these videos in your resident newsletters as a great way to engage with residents and spur others to join in on the fun the next time around. Virtual cooking classes are such a safe, fun, and laugh-filled experience since not all of us are Martha Stewart in the kitchen.
  4. Caroling
    We know this one may be intimidating; however, you’d be surprised how many residents may be wonderful singers and willing to participate. Suggest or provide ways for those within the same household to bring some holiday spirit to the property through singing carols. You could suggest residents create a sing-a-long Tik Tok and then share it with your residents or on social. While large groups going door-to-door may not fall in line with COVID-19 social distancing, there are still ways to share the love of some favorite tunes.
  5. Giving Back
    One of the great parts of this time of year is everyone’s desire to help those in need. It’s a great time to engage in outreach marketing ideas for apartments. Partner with a local not-for-profit and host a toy drive or a food drive. You could record a video of your team delivering these items, or having the organization pick up the results. Share the video on social media channels to inspire others to give back. There’s nothing like bringing people together and creating those feel-good moments for your residents this time of year. This apartment marketing idea is a win-win for all involved.
  6. The First Snow
    There is something about the first snow of the season that can transform a place into a winter-wonderland. Make sure to post and share a video of the first snow at your community. For bonus marketing points, you can capture kids or pets (or adults) playing in the snow. This would be a great video to accompany any pet-friendly apartment slogans or marketing campaigns you might run! If you’re in a spot where snow isn’t all that common, find something else that’s seasonal for your area and celebrate it.
  7. Year-End Video Card
    While it’s been a tougher or more challenging year than most, a lot of us can find something to be grateful for. It can even just be the start of a new year! So, have your leasing and management team record a video card sharing what they are grateful for this year, as well as wishing a happy holiday season and a happy New Year. This is more personal than apartment marketing slogans or the same old marketing campaigns that your team runs throughout the year. This holiday greeting is not only a great resident engagement piece but also an apartment social media marketing idea for your Facebook and other social pages that is sure to get engagement.

Let Your Holiday Spirit Shine with a Few Other Video Ideas

Magic truly can fill the air this time of year and there’s no better way to capture what is magical about your property than by using one of the biggest apartment marketing trends, video. Whether your videos are live or pre-recorded, video will allow you to share and engage with prospects and current residents in a real, and joy-filled way.

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