Apartment signs. Leasing office signs. Apartment door numbers. Leasing signs. Most multifamily owners and property managers know all too well how important it can be to communicate basically everything via physical signage at multifamily communities. However, it’s surprising how often even the most basic apartment signs can be overlooked during the property design phase.  

In a world that pushes digital everything, and rightfully so, there is a still a place for print and physical signs. The right apartment signage and banners can be extremely beneficial to every community. They help grab immediate attention and inform prospective and existing residents in ways digital communication platforms may not.

Here are five types of apartment signs every multifamily community should think through strategically and have readily posted come launch:

Apartment Signs about Availability

Let people know there are units available or that leasing has kicked off at a property with one of the most simple apartment signs around. Use a now leasing sign or apartment for rent sign. This is one of the oldest / simplest ways to let prospective residents know that the community has availability or, for newer builds, that the property is now leasing. Not everyone driving by will just know when a newer multifamily build is ready to start leasing. A few well placed now leasing banners would do the trick. Want to take this signage to the next level? Put a short-link URL or QR code on the sign that people can visit for an immediate video tour of the community or an intro video prompting them to request more information! 

Apartment Signs Identifying Buildings and Units

Imagine a leasing agent says “Meet me at Building 3, unit 201. We’ll begin the tour there.”  However, there are no apartment building number signs or unit door numbers. That would be a nightmare scenario for a brand new prospective resident, stuck wandering around, trying to find any way possible to identify where they are. Sounds frustrating, doesn’t it? Well, multifamily properties can be frustrating without proper signage that quickly and easily reassure residents as to where they are and where they are going. Let’s keep the wandering prospective resident number to a minimum and just be transparent with building, unit, and amenity signage. 

Apartment Signs Sharing Upcoming Events

All the emails and digital notifications in the world could have been sent, but there will always be that one resident or prospective resident who didn’t check their email that day or had the notification get caught in spam. So, among apartment signs to consider? Signage around upcoming parties, events, open houses, or other special announcements. That can include community sponsored events like a Summer Soiree around the pool or events that may impact the community at large – like a community 5k blocking an entrance for awhile on a Saturday. There will likely still be a resident or two who misses the signs, but putting some up in common areas or around building should help catch most everyone. Communication is key! 

Apartment Signs for Common Areas and Admin Spaces

Common areas and admin spaces? This can mean anything from the pool to the gym to the parking garage to the leasing office. All of these areas are special / specific ares and any signage indicating where they are / what they are will be useful and important to both current and prospective residents. Often, buildings look like…buildings. This way, the amenities offered are shown clearly. Plus, no one gets confused about which building they are in at any given point in time. Clear and well-placed apartment interior signs, like the leasing office and maintenance office, help make sure guests and residents find exactly what they need.

Apartment Signs for Way-Finding

New residents, prospective new residents, and their guests will all need to find their way around the community quickly and efficiently. This is also true for any vendors or outside maintenance teams. While this may seem like a repeat of the signage we’ve mentioned above with building and unit signage, and signage for common areas, this takes it a step further. You can have all of the signage you want at the building, at the unit, and at the amenity, but if someone gets lost on their way to it, it does no good. Especially if a prospective new resident is driving in circles trying to find where a certain building is or where the leasing office is located. Signage that helps with directions and pointing people towards specific spaces is of the utmost importance to ensure everyone efficiently finds their way to where they ultimately are looking to go.

As we mentioned, communication is key. While signage could easily be an area of your budget that you look to cut costs and save money, we highly recommend reconsidering that slashing and instead considering your prospective and future residents, as well as your on-site team and the headaches that they will likely avoid by people being able to efficiently navigate the community.

Digital communication has its rightful place in apartment marketing, leasing, management, and maintenance, but the right apartment signage certainly has its proper place as well.

Until next time…keep it real!