Feeling overwhelmed by all the talk about AI? You’re not alone. Many are experiencing AI fatigue, confusion, and frustration. However, you know AI can boost productivity, so you’re interested in the topic.

We’ve observed how AI has worked subtly and seamlessly for multifamily professionals. The pattern we notice? Users often don’t even realize they’re using AI.

Let’s discuss 4 AI products in multifamily that can speed up productivity, reduce stress, and help capture more leases. You might already be using these products without knowing they incorporate AI.

Canva for Marketing Assets

Canva is well-known for its design tools. Need to whip up a quick social graphic? Canva is the go-to place for multifamily professionals.

Canva has introduced a new AI feature called Magic Design. Its goal is to help users create branded, attention-grabbing designs in seconds. Choose from templates, graphics, and more.

Who doesn’t love having easy-to-use design tools right at their fingertips?

Realync for Leasing Efforts

Realync has been a tool multifamily professionals use to create video content for marketing, leasing and operation purposes. With the push of a button, videos can be published and sent to ILSs, social media, and other channels.

Realync’s AI-powered tools include Photo Extraction and Video Quality Score. Photo Extraction makes it easy for leasing professionals to extract polished unit-level photos from existing videos within seconds, eliminating the need for hiring professional photographers.

Video Quality Score allows corporate teams to rely on AI to score the quality of leasing teams’ videos, reducing the time needed to manually review each video.

ChatGPT for Content Creation

Generic emails won’t cut it anymore. Multifamily professionals know they need catchy email subject lines to grab attention in prospective renters’ email inboxes.

How are they brainstorming that copy? With ChatGPT. Leasing professionals use ChatGPT to help brainstorm and craft personalized email copy for prospects.

Keep in mind: Better prompts = better output with ChatGPT.

Hyly.AI for Generative AI-powered Leasing

Hyly.AI’s Hayley tackles a core challenge in leasing: maintaining consistent, personalized communication throughout the prospect-to-resident journey. Hayley automates chat, email, and soon voice interactions, allowing on-site teams to:

  • Offer 24/7 personalized support from new inquiries to resident renewals
  • Keep data secure with a private AI model
  • Understand prospect and resident behavior better

By handling routine tasks with superhuman capabilities, Hayley saves time for on-site teams, enabling them to focus on meaningful interactions and strategic work.

AI’s Time-Saving Impact for Leasing Teams

AI tools like Canva, Realync, ChatGPT, and Hyly.AI will not take your job — multifamily pros who know how to use AI effectively will. By integrating into daily workflows, these AI-driven solutions enable leasing teams to focus on what they do best: creating valuable experiences for renters.