If you’re in the multifamily industry, one of the best ways to learn and grow is to read, listen, or engage with property management experts. The good news is that in the world of social media and blogs, the multifamily influencers and property management bloggers are much more accessible than ever before.

Here are a few of our favorite property management experts that are out there offering some of the best insight into a very complex marketplace:

The Apartment All Stars

This group of property management experts and speakers are committed to providing top quality education to apartment industry professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Their speakers offer decades of experience in a multitude of real estate specialties. For example, Co-founder Kate Good spent 14 years working onsite and consulting with US and Canadian property groups to create leasing and marketing programs for new construction and distressed communities. She’s been in the trenches and readily shares her invaluable advice and learnings. Equally, Lisa Trosien started out as a part-time leasing professional who parlayed her experience, passion, and teaching degree into a powerhouse consultancy and is seen as a prominent thought-leader at conferences all across the US. The Apartment All Stars use their years of experience to share their experiences and knowledge. One way to experience their content is through Kate’s section “On Site Solutions” in the National Apartment Association’s UNITS magazine.

The great thing about Apartment All Stars? They have a full crew of industry leaders providing invaluable insight, thought leadership, and lessons to pull from. For example, Alex Jackiw is a highly sought after Apartment All Star speaker and is President of Milhaus in Indiana. Add on Pete Regules with CORT, Jennifer Staciokas with Pinnacle, and 6 others with countless industry experience, and Apartment All Stars becomes a place that you can’t afford not to follow and learn from. 

Multifamily Insider

Want valuable content? Multifamily Insider is the first online networking group for the multifamily industry and its partners and an invaluable stop for content straight from industry leaders and experts. Brent Williams, founder of Multifamily Insider, started in finance, but found a true passion in multifamily real estate and has shared that passion through the site. He often shares upcoming trends and property management news, but also has contributors adding content providing additional input on particular areas of expertise.

Take frequent contributor Jennifer Carter. Jennifer offers pieces focusing on marketing and employee best practices – like How and Why You Should Respond to Negative Reviews. One thing that makes Multifamily Insider great? It allows for actual reaction and discussion on topics and is a wealth of tips and advice from those who have lived it.

30 Lines

Not only is 30 Lines an industry leader when it comes to marketing and technology, but their blog, content, and speaking helps multifamily professionals learn, grow, and engage in new, innovative ways. 30 Lines founder Mike Whaling offers advice on web presence, how to find profits in successful blogging, search engine optimization, social media and countless other online tools.

Kristi Fickert, Vice President of Marketing and Training for the company, also serves as the brand ambassador and can be seen spearheading speaker slots, panels, and roundtables at conferences all across the US. Kristi specializes in helping multifamily companies find ways to connect with their audiences online and find meaningful solutions to build their online presence. If the goal is to build out digital, these are some of the go-to experts for help and guidance.


Turning directions and looking at industry leaders that should be followed and studied, the Bozzuto Group is a true powerhouse consisting of some of the top real estate leaders and influencers in our industry. Since their founding in 1988, Bozzuto has blazed their own trail as a leading management company, and through that have garnered a unique expertise in development, construction, and property management. Looking for ways to streamline your lease-up? Look no further. Looking for creative marketing ideas that bleed through everything a company does from its corporate voice and brand to the way it markets at its properties? Look no further. Every single person at Bozzuto is bought in and reflects the company’s core values and brand in all they do.

Take for instance Regional Vice President Pei Pei Chan Mirabella. Leading Bozzuto’s entrance into the Chicago market in 2015, she now oversees a portfolio of over 2,700 residential units in Bozzuto’s Chicago portfolio. That type of growth takes a special person and special company. One coffee meeting or phone call with a Bozzuto team member will impart countless aha moments and gems to help you improve your property management skills. 


When we think Greystar, two words come to mind: global leader. To get to the position that Greystar is in takes incredible patience, diligence, commitment, and incredible people. The result though is experience that truly is second to none. How have they done it? Greystar credits their differentiation to focusing on integrity and delivering world-class service to residents, property owners and investors alike. They focus on people, learning what is important to them when it comes to where they call home. They also boast a highly-motivated team of experts with an entrepreneurial, get-it-done attitude.

That’s displayed nowhere better than with Greystar Director of Marketing and National Marketing Manager, Melissa Robbins and Melissa Ryan. These two give Greystar marketing quite the one-two punch and exemplify all that Greystar is and has done to get to its industry leading position. From marketing strategy to execution, their insight and experience is a wealth of multifamily marketing knowledge and all with a laser focus on the core values that have built Greystar so strong. 

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is a great starting point! And everyone needs to start somewhere. We, Realync, were new to the industry once as well and it took a diligent focus on learning from the above list to dive straight in and immerse ourselves in all that the industry is and has to offer.

Do you know of a great source not on this list? Please share it!

Until next time…keep it real!