In today’s market, every multifamily needs to know how to make a virtual tour for real estate leasing, even before the pandemic. Prospective residents are now used to being able to tour a community when, how, and where they want. It’s up to leasing teams to provide options for remote touring.

There are a few different types of virtual tours available. When it comes to how to make a tour video, each has their own set of guidelines and general how-tos.

If you’re looking for advice on how to make a virtual tour for real estate leasing, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the types of virtual tours, how-tos for each, and some key considerations for every type.

360 virtual tour and 3D Virtual Tours

In recent years, 360 tours and 3d virtual tours in real estate have grown in popularity with multifamily communities. They serve as a great top-of-the funnel offering on a website to drive net new leads. Looking at how to make a virtual tour for real estate with these tools? You’ll find it takes, well, a lot.

Creating a 360 or 3D virtual tour can take immense resources without providing the desired results. You’ll need to purchase equipment, either a camera or an expensive add on for your mobile device, and these items add up quickly. Not willing to hire the equipment? ire an agency to come do the work for you. However, keep in mind you may find this real estate virtual tour pricing is pretty expensive. Plus, hiring an agency involves bringing more individuals onsite to the community, and in the age of social distancing, this is often not an option.

Do-it-Yourself Pre-recorded Tours

Do-it-Yourself Pre-recorded tours can be recorded quickly and easily – which is a huge benefit. In terms of recording the video itself, all it takes is a Google search to learn how to make a virtual tour with a phone and easily make a video. While the creation is simple, creating conversions is not. DIY tools also require the right virtual tour editor to stitch together and edit your piece. Also, you’ll need the right real estate virtual tour software for uploading, sharing or embedding on your site, and hosting your video to send to your prospect., Just like 360 and 3D virtual tours, hiring an agency is always an option. But, of course, agencies mean more money, time, and effort. The how-to just got a little more complicated.

Live Video Tour

Live video virtual tours for real estate have similar instructions and tips and tricks as pre-recorded. You can turn on a recording device and stream immediately, but it’s what comes before and after that requires more heavy lifting. Where will you host the video tour recordings? How will you invite prospects to the tours? How will you record attendance of the tours? Will you be following up with each prospect individually? In the end, the how to make a virtual tour for real estate is more holistic and complicated than at first glance.

However, for both pre-recorded and live virtual tours, there is an alternative– partner with a video leasing solution. The right virtual leasing software offers live and pre-recorded options, is user friendly, allows for easy uploading and sharing from the cloud, has in-depth analytics, and is Fair Housing Compliant.

Start making virtual tours using the best video leasing solution on the market

Key Considerations

When determining how to make a virtual tour for real estate, here are a few more key considerations:
First, a growing number of communities are reverting to do-it-yourself (DIY) tours because COVID-19 restrictions limit the number of video services and consultants visiting properties. With that in mind, any long term virtual leasing strategy will need to enable your team to create videos and virtual tours themselves. DIY virtual tour creators will need to empower, and be powered by, your leasing team.

Secondly, leasing teams must be able to knock out virtual video tours quickly and easily. For example, if a prospect wants to see a particular unit, the agent needs to be able to go and create that video as soon as possible. The dynamic, responsive element is so important.

Finally, the level of professionalism doesn’t have to be perfect. People want to see the real and raw view of the space. So the good news? It’s okay being okay with some of the DIY look and feel. In fact, it can be a bonus and show authenticity and transparency – something today’s market craves.

While all these tours have different answers to how to make a virtual tour for real estate, some definitely are better than others. And the best way to capitalize on virtual tours, in a way that empowers your leasing team and keeps them at the center of the leasing process, virtual or not, is partnering with a virtual leasing solution. A virtual leasing solution like Realync not only empowers your virtual leasing efforts, but enables your team with an easy ,efficient, and effective virtual leasing solution.