Real Clients. Real Results. Real Reviews.

Real Clients. Real Results. Real Reviews.

“We knew the location of the off-site preleasing center would present some challenges. But, the combination of Bozzuto’s top-notch leasing talent alongside Realync’s video leasing technology was exactly what we needed. We were tremendously excited with the results, and look forward to many more successful projects together.”

—Justin Pease // Vice President of Asset Management // Fifield

“I would recommend Realync to any leasing professional looking to connect with prospects. It’s a fun, easy, interactive way to close deals.”

—Jess Dixon // Leasing Agent // The Franklin Johnston Group

“With our volume of out-of-market leads, Realync was something that we knew would be an invaluable leasing tool for our communities across The Franklin Johnston Group portfolio. Seeing how easily Jess and the Springhouse team picked up Realync and the immediate success that they found, very quickly showcased just how impactful the platform can be. Realync is an easy way for our teams to interact with prospects and showcase their space in a transparent way, and, at the end of the day, that makes all the difference.”

—Angie Lombardi // Vice President of Marketing // The Franklin Johnston Group

“Realync can be used in so many different ways and makes all of our lives at the property so much easier! It’s one of the best things I’ve been given for my job!”

—Courtney Davis // Property Manager // Watermark

“I immediately loved the idea of using video for maintenance. People are visual. For maintenance, being able to actually show people what I’m talking about is so much more powerful than written lists or documents, and residents can grasp things much more clearly.”

—Ben Daniels // Service Supervisor // Watermark

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