Realync’s Video Quality Score feature streamlines the video approval process for multifamily leasing teams, letting corporate teams sit back while AI does the gut-checking.

Realync, the complete virtual platform for multifamily touring and communications, announced today its latest intelligent feature: automatic quality checks for videos created by leasing teams. This innovation speeds up post-production video reviews, allowing corporate teams to quickly approve videos without manual review.

Video Quality Score arrives at a crucial time for leasing teams during peak leasing season. This feature streamlines the video approvals process, reduces the workload for leasing and corporate teams, and consistently ensures branded, high-quality video content.

Video Quality Score standards will be established according to team preferences — checking quality factors such as stability, contrast, and brightness in each video. Realync’s Video Quality Score capability is available exclusively to users on its core package at no additional cost.

“Realync is thrilled to introduce our latest AI-driven innovation. Standardizing scalable, quality video production across portfolios has always been a core tenant of the Realync platform,” stated Matt Weirich, Co-founder and CEO of Realync. “Realync’s Video Quality Score will streamline and enhance both the quality and syndication of media captured in Realync helping to further fuel marketing, leasing, and operational video efforts.”

Earlier this year, Realync expanded its core video offerings by introducing Photo Extraction, another AI-powered product. This tool simplifies the process of converting videos into still images, allowing multifamily leasing teams to consolidate their tech stack into Realync’s comprehensive virtual platform.

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