In the world of multifamily conferences, this is the one: the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize Conference! Not just one of the largest multifamily conferences, it is a wonderfully executed meeting of the industry’s top players mixed with incredible content, educational sessions, thought leaders, exhibiting time, and more. The networking value alone makes the Apartmentalize conference a worthwhile venture for any multifamily professional. 

While we most certainly will not be the only company doing a conference recap, it is always fun reading the different viewpoints because there are so many different attendees and points of view to be had throughout the week of activities. Our personal POV is from that of an exhibiting vendor. 

While it can sometimes feel lonely not getting to partake in all of the events or festivities simply because we are a vendor, or feeling like we’ve drawn the short stick having to pay to play for everything, there is so much ROI and so much value to be drawn from an event such as Apartmentalize. Below we’ll break down exactly what our focuses for this conference were and dive into exactly how valuable it is for a multifamily technology company such as us. 

1. Networking

What makes this industry run are the people that are in it and there is no better place to connect with as many of those people as possible than at the Apartmentalize Conference. Simply because we’re a vendor doesn’t mean we can’t have friends in the industry. We have gotten where we are today as a business in large part because of our friends in industry that have supported us along the way. We also say it all of the time at Realync, that the day this business is no longer fun, is the day it’s no longer worth it. You have to enjoy what you’re doing and enjoy whom you are doing that work with. The people that attend Apartmentalize and the networking opportunities are second to none. 

2. Prospecting

Having to spend so much to exhibit at and attend Apartmentalize definitely means needing to show an ROI on the investment. Thankfully though, at Apartmentalize we have never had to take the position of hard selling anyone. The conference is setup to challenge how people think, get them asking questions, and looking for ways to beat status quo and do things better. People are there to learn and grow, and improve both themselves and their companies. Because of that, we are able to take our most favored stance when it comes to selling…partner. We are multifamily’s only video leasing solution and therefore are able to come alongside attendees at the conference to discuss their video strategies, plans, wishes, and dreams and be a resource to help making those dreams a reality. 

3. Client Success

We love our clients. Plain and simple. Any chance that we get to be in person with them, laughing, smiling, sharing stories, and simply sharing life, we take it! Apartmentalize isn’t simply about learning, education, and growth. It’s about fun and celebrating our industry together. Grabbing coffee, breakfast, lunch, drinks, dinner, dessert, or attending a party, or simply sitting down together with our Realync clients is one of the best parts of the entire week. That is how we as a business grow. Getting to hear what’s working and celebrate the successes, as well as hear what’s not working and put a plan in place for making things better is invaluable to us as a company. Our goal is to be the sharpest tool in your teams’ leasing toolbox and hearing from our clients is what keeps us sharp for them. 

4. Partnerships

To continue the toolbox analogy, we also recognize that we need to work in conjunction with the other tools that are in that leasing toolbox. Partnering with companies like Yardi, Entrata, 30Lines,, and other industry leaders is not only beneficial for us and our clients, but beneficial for the industry as a whole. Having integrated systems that talk, share, listen, and work together will make multifamily a more integrated, seamless, and smooth experience for buyers and renters, and only help to keep pushing our industry forward. While most vendors deploy the forces to ensure that they show an ROI on the investment made at the Apartmentalize conference, the right people are always around and always available to engage in these partnership conversations. Whether over a drink or with laptops out to dive deep into how things proceed, there is space for these discussions as well amongst everything else going on throughout the week. 

5. Investment

The final driver of value for us is one that many wouldn’t think of when attending an industry conference like Apartmentalize. Smart investors that have an interest in multifamily technology companies or the industry as a whole make sure to be at conferences like this. It takes a lot of capital to build a technology company that is able to service an industry with over 20 million units and, therefore, connecting with these industry-focused investment groups is always a pleasant conversation. There is a big difference between taking investment just to be able to fuel the business and taking investment from a fund or group that has industry experience, connections, expertise, and value beyond just the capital. The investors that attend Apartmentalize are the latter and are doing incredible things to support continued growth and advancement of the industry that we all love so dearly. 

While it could be very easy to get hung up on how expensive it is to attend, exhibit at, and partake in all of the festivities at Apartmentalize, the value is clearly there to justify it. It is so rare that our industry is able to come together like we do at Apartmentalize every year and it collectively takes us all to make our industry what it is. So cheers to another incredible Apartmentalize conference and here’s to many more yet to come with the people and industry that we love. 

Until next time…keep it real!